Jahn Regensburg quits the flooding of objectives versus Holstein Kiel

After partly rough bankruptcies, Jahn Regensburg ended the descent in the 2nd Bundesliga.
After the last 3 defeats straight in the home game against Holstein Kiel, the Upper Palatinate came back to a factor win.

Nonetheless, the Regensburgers have been awaiting a win for 5 games.
After 10 goals acknowledged in two video games, SSV Jahn acted a lot extra steady on the defensive this time around and was able to quit the flooding of goal.
Nonetheless, the visitors had the initial great chances.
The Austrian Benedikt Pichler narrowly missed out on the objective by head (18th).
4 mins later, Steven Skrzybski stopped working to Jahn-goalkeeper Dejan Stojanovic.
The Regensburgers just began their initial occasions after a good fifty percent hour.
They currently discovered much better right into the game, linked the midfield much faster as well as had the ability to create threat repeatedly over the outside placements.

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