How good is the tignari in comparison with the college in Genshin Impact?

With the advent of the pile, two characters with a dendro element were also released. Knocks and Tignari are two new characters in Dendro, they both possess onions and have similar styles of the game. Since a knuckle is a four-star character, and the tignari is five-star, a confusion may occur, decide whether to pull the banner of the tignari or agree to a free character of a colleague. Here are our thoughts about whether the tignari is effective or not.

Tignari is more effective than a knee in Genshin Impact?

Tignari is more effective than a knee?

In short, yes . The charged missile Tignari Dendro distinguishes him from his colleague, as well as tracking shells in his final attack. His abilities allow him to interact well with other characters, such as Fishl and even Knocks. The time of the tignari missile attack is reduced when the enemy is already amazed by dendro, which makes him an excellent character for a couple with his colleague.


Tignari also feels good, playing. Its attacks seem satisfactory and the range on both of it e and also question abilities allow you to maintain a distance from the goal. Collections are on the opposite side of the spectrum, as it requires a shorter range of action. E The ability to even be effective. Thus, it seems that the set of colleagues works against you, and the set of Tignari works with you.

Despite the fact that the Tignari is a funny and effective character, it is not so important for the composition of your team. Since there are still Dendro characters in the way, Tignari risks giving way to future characters. If you are not enthusiastic about the abilities of the Tignari and the design of the character, you should just adhere to a colleague. You can also use Dendro Traveler to find out if you like the Dendro play style before choosing an event banner.

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