All industry bonuses in Civ 6

Industry is an improvement in cities, exclusive for the Monopoly and Corporation regime, included in the DLC Vietnam and Hubilay Khan. In the Monopoly and Corporation mode, the goal is to get as many luxurious resources as possible and use them to improve their civilization. As soon as the cities own luxurious resources, the next step will be the receipt of industry bonuses at the expense of the construction industry. Here are all industry bonuses and how to get them in Civ 6.

How to build industry in Civ 6

To build an improvement in industry tiles, you must first unlock the currency technology. After unlocking foreign exchange technology, you can use the builder to improve a luxurious resource using industry tiles. There are several requirements for creating industries. Firstly, you must control at least two copies of the same luxurious resource in your city. Secondly, only one industry can be built for each city and the type of resource. Planning is the key to ensuring the resources of luxury items and creating production for them.

All industry bonuses in Civ 6

All luxury resources are counted in your requirements, including the resources of the city-states, which you are overlord. If you build industry on an already improved luxurious resource, improvement will be replaced by improving industry. While you have at least copies of the same luxurious resource in your civilization, you can start building industry. Later, the industry game can also be improved to corporations. The construction of corporations is the next step to win in the game mode, as you can create monopolies by owning at least 60% of all tiles of one luxurious resource on the map.

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