How to unlock Daily Sumeru commissions in Genshin Impact

GENSHIN IMPACT The update 3.0 brings the highly anticipated Sumeru region to the game. As in other areas, Sumera has its own unique tab of daily commissions missions that players can make to gain daily rewards. However, you cannot participate in the daily missions of Sumeru immediately. For this, you must meet certain requirements and complete a particular world mission known as Adventure Takes Courage. So, without further delay, here is everything you need to know about Unlock the daily commissions of Sumeru in Genshin Impact .

How to unlock Daily Sumeru commissions in Genshin Impact

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Before moving forward, it is worth noting that players must complete Archon Quests Chapter 3: Act 1 and Act 2. After completing the mission of Act 2, also known as The morning they bring a thousand roses, travelers will receive a new world. mission called adventure takes courage.

The main objective of this search is to talk to Katheryne, who is the receptionist of the adventurer’s guild. She can find her in northern Sumeru, and one can easily get there by teleporting to the Avidya forest route. Simply bears near Katheryne’s point and have a brief conversation with her.

That is all. The daily commissions tab for the Sumeru region should now be unlocked in the Genshin Impact. But before entering the game for the first daily mission, it is essential to wait for the server to be restarted daily.

How to check the Daily Sumeru commissions

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Once you follow all the aforementioned instructions, you will be ready to complete the daily commissions in the Sumeru region. To consult the Missions list, open the adventurer manual by clicking on the book icon located in the upper right of the screen. Then, navigate to the commissions and select Sumeru from the drop-down list.

That is all you need to know about Unlock the daily commissions of Sumeru in Genshin Impact. Before leaving, do not forget Who are Tightnari’s dubbing actors in Genshin Impacty more.

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