In the first anniversary of the launch of Bulso 2

NCsoft launched ‘Reborn’, the first anniversary of Blade & Soul 2 (hereinafter referred to as Blade 2).

Reborn expressed its gratitude and leap forward for the first anniversary of its launch. Bulso 2 You will be given a special gift for the first anniversary of the first anniversary, and you can also enjoy the new world (server) ‘Noi’ ▲ Class Change and Class Renewal ▲ New Contents in the World Field ‘Red Moon Desert’.

TJ ’s Present consists of ▲ TJ’ s Soul ▲ TJ ’s Coupon ▲ TJ’ s Point. TJ ’s Soul can be selected for one ‘Legendary Soul’ and 12 Hero Soul. TJ ’s coupon includes one soul and the protest reinforcement coupon and one special trinkets reinforcement coupon. TJ ’s Point can be obtained according to the playpoint acquisition history and can be used in special stores. TJ ’s Soul will be paid on the 24th and TJ’ s Coupon and TJ ’s Point will be paid on September 7.

Next, add a new world ‘Noi’. High experience effects for rapid growth are applied, and a dedicated event can receive various growth materials. The existing six worlds were reorganized into four new worlds, including Noi, ▲ Yaru, Shiro, and Pasa.

Class change and renewal were also introduced. Existing weapons, equipment, and martial arts can be changed to the same grade, and can be used through the ‘Class Change’ tab in the in-game store. The class renewal has adjusted the entire balance of seven weapons and supplemented and strengthened each martial arts and effects such as swords, axes, authorities, groundbreaking plaques, bows, legal species, and non-water.

Lastly, he added to the world field ‘Red Moon Desert’, a new world’s twisted ruins, and a new world boss ‘Red Desert-Essading Maddle-Deserted Military Army’. If you kill a new world boss, you can get ▲ legendary rating equipment ▲ Jinkyung: Shim sword ▲ new hero passive martial arts for each job.

Users who participate in the update pre-booking will receive the first anniversary reward. If you enter the coupon from the 24th, ▲ ▲ 1st anniversary seal ▲ 1st anniversary commemoration certificate ▲ 1st anniversary hero-rating costume ‘resurrection’ (11 times) (Event) You can get 10.

NC unveiled a special film with the meaning of the first anniversary update ‘Reborn’. It is a video that expresses the process of finding the color of 20,000 Bulso, and the main contents added over the past year, such as the tomb of sacrifice, saturated column: sea snake supply base, are expressed in graffititi.

For more information, please visit the official website of Bulso 2.

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