Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact – glossary and comparison

It is not surprising that the comparisons between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact are numerous. It is not surprising that the fans of both games quickly noticed them. Here is our list of some items or systems in both games that have similarities (and differences).

survivability and resin

Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact use their appropriate Vitaly and Resin systems to limit the speed of the players of certain objects necessary for the development of the character: things such as talents or materials for weapons in Genshin Impact and data packets or matrix in Tower of Fantasy. To the honor of Tower of Fantasy, some of these items can be obtained in other ways, for example, stretching matrices from a conical bullet. In addition, although both of them allow you to restore vitality and tar with the same speed, Tower of Fantasy has the maximum storage limit-180. (I see 200, Hoyoverse?)


wind glider and jet

Research in both games can sometimes seem very similar. They use the mechanics of the endurance scale to challenge you and sometimes prevent your progress. Both also give you a gift at the early stage, in Genshin Impact the Wind Glider and Tower of Fantasy the Jet Pack to help you find new ways to explore the world (except running and climbing it). There is one obvious difference: a reactive satchel will allow you to fly into the air before you start planning. Believe us for a word, it is very convenient and pleasant.

spiral abyss and past fantasy

The main mode of the final game Genshin Impact, Spiral Abyss, is very similar to Bygone Phantasm Tower of Fantasy. They both place players in the arena and offer you to defeat the waves of enemies for a certain period. There are small differences in their structure. The spiral abyss is discarded on the 1st and 15th of each month so that you can repeat the test, sometimes with other enemies or blessings that you can use. Bygone Phantasm is a one-sided street. As soon as you pass the level, there will be no way back. The task and awards will gradually increase. Another obvious difference is that Bygone Phantasm is far from the only test at the end of the game that you can perform in Tower of Fantasy. Genshin impact, yes, that’s all.

statues of seven and omnium towers

Moving in both games is quite simple thanks to the Statues of the Seven by Genshin Impact and Omnium Towers from Tower of Fantasy. They not only function as the points of teleportation, but also at their first achievement, areas of the map will open. They really have some unique functions. Statuses of seven can be improved to increase endurance and obtain other awards. The tower of the omnium can be used for teleportation for hyicos, a floating island, which serves as a base for the current rulers of the Earth below. Hmm, I wonder why it sounds familiar?

artifacts and matrices (and equipment)

If there is one thing with which Genshin Impact fans agree, the search for the last artifact to complete the set (with the correct statistics) can be a serious problem. Tower of Fantasy has developed a similar system to increase the characteristics of the characters, but divided it into matrices and equipment. Matrixes, like artifacts, can give additional bonuses, equipping a certain amount of different sets. Unlike artifacts, they do not include randomly improved characteristics. Do not worry, Tower of Fantasy did not forget the random number generator. They included this in the equipment. Time will tell which system of creating characters in the game will be more disappointing.

Smimogems and dark crystals

Not a single scrap-game is complete without a limited amount of currency. In Genshin Impact, players can receive primogens for performing daily tasks, opening chests, participation in events, etc. The only other way to get more is to buy another currency and convert these furriers. They can be used to buy more resins or more fuckers. The equivalent of Tower of Fantasy is Dark Crystals. There is almost no difference in their functions. And again, only time will tell which game gives the players more than these currencies for free.

Have you noticed anything else? Let us know about this in the comments! Can you also check the best tips and recommendations on the early game for Tower of Fantasy or how much did I spend on Genshin Impact?-How to check your purchases in Pro Game Guides.

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