Manchester City | Rape claims: Process versus Mendy

When it comes to rape accusations versus the French football world champion Benjamin Mendy, the procedure in Chester English has actually started.

Along with Mendy, another man is accused, who is also charged of rape in a number of instances. According to the indictment, the 40-year-old is stated to have chosen and brought Mendy in a targeted way. He additionally refutes the allegations.


The 28-year-old, that is under contract with the English initial department club Manchester City, is accused of rape in eight instances. Contributed to this is the indictment due to tried rape and also in one situation sex-related harassment. Mendy refutes the allegations.

To name a few points, the cellular phone were eliminated and also they were secured up in areas. According to the public district attorney, a total amount of 13 ladies against Mendy and a presumed accomplice should claim in the procedure.

The alleged targets are seven young women. The cases are said to have occurred in between October 2018 and also August 2021 in a remote home Mendys near Manchester. There, according to the charge, the ladies are stated to have been shielded, scared as well as frightened, as the British information agency reported from the court.

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