Genshin Impact: The news about the duration of the updates that has divided the community

Genshin Impact players have received news that has generated very polarized opinions. After a few weeks of rumors, Hoyover has officially confirmed in the presentation of the Update 3.0 that the next versions will last lower than usual. Instead of the usual six weeks, each new patch during the first compasses of Sumeru will arrive once five full seven-day cycles have elapsed. A decision that will allow the developer to compensate for the time lost by the delay that took place during patch 2.6 and was motivated by the health situation in China.


Genshin Impact updates will be shorter

While some players have not found problems in relation to Hoyover’s decision, there were those who already saw the rumors felt damaged by the developer. The reason is easy to understand: the Free To Play players (or who do little expense) will have less time to gain protogemas with the daily missions or the lunar blessing . In this sense, not having acted with forecast has a punishment that many consider too big. Even more if we take into account the new opportunities that come with the introduction of the dendro element in update 3.0.

The new dates updates for genshin impact for the coming months are the following:

Update 3.0 *: August 24, 2022
Update 3.1 : September 28, 2022
Update 3.2 : November 2, 2022
* Update 3.3 : December 7, 2022

Although the measure can be easy to understand due to the need to recover the lost pace with the delay at the beginning of the summer, the truth is that you can understand those who feel harmed by this situation. Everything is said, from Hoyover they do not plan to make cuts at the playable level and that is why there are also a second group of players satisfied with the increase in rhythm. We will have the usual number of some somewhat more condensed events and with the same rewards. In this sense, our only advice to Genshin Impact players is that in the face of these patches they decide very well if they want to go for a character or it is better to wait to leave that that will be able to steal our hearts.

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