Microsoft talks about the possibility of making an exclusive call of duty

Recently a fairly strong controversy emerged in the world of video games, since some companies took over that with the purchase of Activision Blizzard this was going to turn Call of Duty into an exclusive. And on a couple of occasions it has already been commented that it will not happen, it still is still asked to Xbox regarding the subject.

Through documents distributed by the medium VGC , the company confirmed that leading to a franchise of that caliber to be exclusive to its consoles would simply not would not be profitable, so it will continue to keep multiplatform. This is not planned to change in the current panorama, so the followers of other companies should not worry about anything.

Here your comment:

Regardless of how is Sony’s criticism about the exclusivity of the content, since the entire PlayStation strategy has focused on exclusivity over the years, the reality is that the strategy of retaining the activation games Blizzard not distributing them in rival console stores is simply not profitable for Microsoft.

Such strategy would be profitable only if the Blizzard Activision Games could attract a sufficiently large amount of players to the Xbox console ecosystem, and if Microsoft could obtain enough income from games sales to compensate for losses for not distributing such games in rival consoles.

In addition, they mention that in case it was profitable to launch a cod exclusive, its launch would not have a competitive impact on the industry:

In summary, the hypothetical adoption of any content discontinuation strategy would cause the content not to be profitable for Microsoft and, even if it was implemented, such strategies would not have a competitive impact, for the reasons described above.

All this means, that players of PlayStation can continue playing Call of Duty on their platform without the need to move or try it on PC .

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