[Review] The wider New York, the brighter spider man

Marvel Spider-Man is a game without doubt. Already a famous superhero, a double-edged sword, and a game of open world action adventure genre that is likely to be clichéd, and caught both rabbits. Even after appearing at the end of the 8th generation console market, the company posted the highest sales of the PS4 single title, and the developer, Insum Niak, has become one of the first three-party leaders in the second person line that was somewhat pushed by Nuti Dog and Santa Monica. And if this is a game, it’s hard to cover the platform.

In short, this is like this. Ramen is boiled in a sheep pot, but in fact, it is not dramatically different to boil in stainless steel pots or casserole. Rather, it is sometimes more delicious when boiled in a casserole. The game is a well-made game. Compared to the first PS4, the PS5 version has evolved in resolution and frames per second, and the PC version may be more significant. However, it is necessary to put a few more garnishes on the ramen.

So, in this review, the game itself does not deal much. However, I would like to talk about the value of Marvel Spider-Man Remaster, focusing on the newly uploaded ‘garnish’ in the PC version.

Game Name : Marvel Spider-Man Remaster
Genre Name : Open World Action Adventure
release date : 2022. 8. 13
Review : Review Build (Pre-Day 1)
Developer : Insomniac Games, Nixes software (PC porting)
Service : SIE
Platform : PC
Play : PC



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New York

I bought this game three times. Once in PS4, Miles Morales combined in PS5, and this is the third time, and I never always ended up. It’s not fun if the game was not fun, but I couldn’t do it because it was frustrating. If you bite the console on a 32: 9 monitor that has been in use for quite some time, you can’t concentrate on it.

In a way, it’s not a big reason, but it’s more frustrating than I thought, but the PC remastered version has been solved clearly. It was a monitor because I didn’t want to use a dual monitor, but I had a lot of games that supported 32: 9 resolution, but I had a bone head every time, but this work perfectly supports this perverted resolution.

At the same time, there is also a UI scale adjustment function, one of the problems with those who use this resolution. In general, the UI, which is placed on the outside of the screen, has a problem that if the screen is too wide to the left and right, there is a problem that the field of view should be turned too much for confirmation. You can choose. Of course, the screen itself is wide enough to fill the monitor.

In addition to simple gameplay scenes, it supports the resolution in the cut scene. In the case of the Marvel Avengers developed by Square Enix in the past, the in-game resolution supported 32: 9, but when only the cutcin entered the cut scene, the external structure was broken and the vision was pierced through the wall, but Spider-Man said that There is no. However, it does not cut off the upper and lower gamers. It gives the experience of widening the left and right views.

In conclusion, the wide support of Marvel Spider-Man Remaster has further upgraded the game’s experience. The frustration of the left and right gap is more fun, and the gameplay itself is more fun. Of course, it may be because of the mood, but it is a small value to show a wider New York and wider field of view. Of course, it would not mean anything for gamers who use 16: 9 resolution.

Brighter and soft spider-man

If you fold the story of the resolution and add a little bit of graphics, the first thing that stands out is the frame players per second (FPS). Even in the days of PS5, FPS was able to maintain 60 in performance mode, and in Fidelity mode, it had to play in 30fps, but the PC version is funny.

Of course, it may be different depending on the PC specification, but 60fps are fixed at 32: 9 (3840 x 1080) resolution based on RTX 3080 and Ryzen 3900XT. There is a fluctuation width, but on average, it is about 90, and when it comes out well, it crosses the 110 ~ 120 lines. It is the best option that does not touch the details. A year ago, this specification would have been close to invincible, but now the price of graphics cards has been down a lot, and the next generation GPU is about to be sortie, so 60fps are just caught if you are just a good mainstream PC.

Ray tracing reflections available in the PC version will drop a lot of FPS, but even if you turn on the ray tracing reflection options, the FPS in your mid-40s can be defended. If you are a high-end PC holder with more powerful specifications, it’s a strong intensity that you press once.

One ambiguous thing is that the visual deviation according to the graphic option is not very large depending on the option. Even if you set a very low, there is no part of crushing or rotting your eyes, and on the contrary, even if you set it is very high, you don’t see a huge change. This may be a trace of the console version of the console version, which was designed in accordance with the specified specifications.

However, the optimization problem, which is the biggest obstacle to the PC porting process, does not feel much. I can’t be convinced because I have no experience to play with a low-end PC, but in my case, I didn’t feel discord. Some scenes were broken in cut scenes, but this was also solved after the driver update. As a result, Peter Parker became brighter than before, and at the same time became a friendly neighbor who moved smoothly.

Except for the graphic part, one more commendation is that it perfectly supports the function of ‘Dual Sense’. In the case of ‘God of War’, it was possible to play with dual sense, but Dual Sense’s unique features were not revealed. From haptic triggers to pad own speakers.

You may not buy PS5, the biggest value of this game

There is no need to talk about the game itself, so I talked about the graphics improvement. The biggest value of Marvel Spider-Man Remaster is not actually better graphics. Of course, that’s just worth it, but it’s just an improvement in ramen.

Thinking, the biggest value of this game is that you can play on a PC. Although the number of console gamers has also increased significantly as the console sales have increased dramatically since COVID-19, the PC is still the initiative of the game industry. This is because there is a difference in the size of the gamers. Most console gamers are PC gamers, but many of the PC gamers are not console gamers.

Therefore, the release of Marvel Spider-Man’s PC version is just one of the news that is passing by for core gamers who buy PC games and live consoles. Following the feeling that I couldn’t eat suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

This is the biggest value of this launch. Gamers who only play games on a PC without purchasing the console separately, and those who had to be indifferent to the next neighborhood even though the console limited masterpiece game were released, they could play the game directly. This year, there is no great news until the end of the year, this year, the release of Marvel Spider-Man Remaster is a sweet news for gamers who play games only on PCs.

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