Genshin Impact: Guide to the reliable aid commission

Genshin Impact contains daily missions called commissions that players can complete to receive free rewards from the adventurer guild. If you have problems with reliable Helper, we have it covered. Here is How to complete the reliable help commission in Genshin Impact .

First, you must complete the mission every day, a new adventure in adventure range 12 to unlock daily commissions. Once you do, you can complete four commissions every day to win those guild rewards.

Guide of the reliable assistant commission

Reliable Helper will make you complete a search for an NPC in Mondstadt called Tsarevich. He is stuck because the monsters are blocking all the paths he can possibly take. He will give you the option to choose which way to clear: hillside, the foot of the mountains or the top of the mountain.

The problem here is that Tsarevich gives you specific guidelines for each path.

Perfect completion requirements of the reliable assistant

Mountain hillside-* Do not destroy any box while you fight against three Hilichurl Fighters and two unarmed hilichurls.
Foot of the mountain-
** Cima of the mountain-

Completing the reliable assistant commission exactly as Tsarevich wants will give you 5000 Mora instead of the 1000 you would get if you ignore the guidelines of him. And these numbers increase according to your adventure range.

He must complete this commission perfectly three times separately in each of the three paths to achieve the achievement of a perfectionist, so do everything possible to do it well in each of them in the first attempt.

Where to find Zarevich

If you have problems locating Tsarevich, he is in Mondstadt, in the Springvale region. We have included a screenshot below that indicates the location of it:

That is all you need to know about How to complete the reliable help commission in Genshin Impact . See our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and useful information about the game.

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