[Information] What is new content and monsters? Title Update 1 Preview

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first title update information will be released on special program broadcasting on August 9 (Tue) at 11 pm (Korea time). In the notice video, he suggested that there are other additional monsters in addition to the Wolsin-ryong ‘Nargacourga Rare Bell’ and the Rakrin Ryong ‘Hong Ryun’, which has been confirmed before.

Suzuki Yoshitake, who was in charge of the development of Sunbreak, has previously released the title update information on SNS. Some of the title updates, such as ‘Koe Yeon-sung’, which makes the equipment more powerful based on the images and videos released on SNS, the new field ‘unexplored’, and the attack pattern of Wolsin-ryong ‘Nargacourga Rare Bell’ I could confirm.

▣ Koe Yeonseong
Ooe softness is a new content that enhances equipment using new materials added after the title update. First of all, in the case of armor, you can see that the statuses are randomly increased or decreased during the ductility, or the equipment skills and ornaments slots are added randomly. Depending on the result of the softness, the skill setting that was not available in the past is likely to be possible.

However, it is not yet known whether the ornament slot may be maintained or added, or whether the level of the existing ornament slot may change. In addition, it is important to note that unique skills such as Bokma Hyangmyeong, Kwangryongdae [Equation], and Sura [Sura] are likely to be added to the equipment skills.

Weapon’s softness is made in a different way from armor. In the case of weapons, there are gender slots such as strengthening damage, strengthening conversion, strengthening attributes, strengthening sharpness, and expansion of white dragon ornaments. Monster Hunter: Similar to the custom reinforcement in the world.

In addition, in the open image, you can see that some of the weapons slots are locked. In the case of a locked slot, it is necessary to check whether the number of grain slots that can be used according to the weapon rare is determined.

▣ The unexplored and narcacours of the tower
In the first update of the title update, a new field, the unexplored of the tower, is added, and the monster that appears here is Wolsin Dragon ‘Nargara Kur is rare species’. If you enter the tower, you can see the prime duck turtle and rainbow adhesion around the camp.

If you enter the field where the battle takes place outside the camp, you will see various environmental creatures. In particular, it was also confirmed that the colorful bugs that could cause great damage to the monsters and the puppet spiders that could induce large-level positions.

In the case of Nargakour’s rare species (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wolsinryong’), Nargarcour uses most of the attack patterns of Wonjong, but some patterns have changed, and Wolsin-ryong’s attack pattern has been added.

First of all, Wolsin Ryong also uses one of the main attack patterns of Narcurgurga, which is used, and the pattern of scattering purple thorns is added while the tail is lowered. The addiction effect appears to the hit hunter of the visible, and if it is hit by purple thorns, it seems to be addicted or poisoned.


It is a characteristic of Wolsin Ryong that disappears like a fog during the battle and suddenly appears. However, the body of Wol-ryong can be seen as a red-shiny eye even if it is not visible, so you should be careful not to miss your eyes.

In addition, Wolsin-ryong, who hides and appeared, uses powerful patterns such as swinging the sword rings or falling the tail. However, analyzing the video showed that most of these patterns were quite long. Therefore, the use of the counter technology for the time of the wolshin dragon disappeared and attacked, which will cause great damage.

▣ Improvement of convenience

In addition to the addition of new content, the title update is also improved. According to the information released, the ability to set the automatic receipt of Hunter Connect will be added. The automatically invited Hunter Connect allows you to delete the red exclamation mark that continues to be displayed.

There are also news related to the puppet spiders added in Sunbreak. Puppet spiders are an effective environmental creature that can pull monsters and force them to hit the wall. However, even if the spider’s webs are missed or the cobwebs, there is a risk that consumes the puppet spider immediately when the monster moves to another area.

However, after the title update first, the puppet spider will not be consumed unless the monster is pulled with the puppet spider. If you have used a puppet spider and have a vain experience, it’s good news.

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