Multiversus is also the favorite of Steam Deck users, crushing Stray or Elden Ring

Multiversus has quickly become a serious alternative to Super Smash Bros: its main format based on 2v2 , combined with its strengths with its bonuses accumulated during the matches and its F2P model inherited from League of Legends.

Mulliversus at the top of the podium

The fighting game seems to also work in Steam, and specifically dazzles Steam Deck owners, since it is the most played in the Valve laptop.

Multiversus s An ideal candidate for this type of consumption in motion, the time of 2 or 3 online games against any medium in which it is available through cross-play magic

The 10 most played games in Steam Deck

To establish their classification, Valve took the number of players connected to their games every day. Few real surprises in this ranking, with timeless classics, but also some follies available this year. Special mention anyway for Vampire Survivors, which is a game that does not seem much, but that can suck your soul for hours.

Top 10

  • Multiversus

* Vampire Survivors
* Stray
* Elden Ring
* No Man’s Sly
* Hades
* Stardew Valley
* Grand Theft Auto V
* Aperture Desk Job
* Monster Hunter Rise

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