Multiversus more expensive than Smash Bros? Removing all the characters from the game will cost you expensive

With Multiversus, Warner will try to walk on the Smash Bros. flower massifs and for this, the editorial will play the letter of the Free To Play model. Something quite rare for such a fighting game, and that, one suspects, has its good and bad aspects. The good news is that everyone can try Multiversus, with a 100 % free game with at least five unlocked characters (16 in total).


The bad news is that to unlock all the content (characters and cosmetics), you will have to get the credit card. And according to VGC, it could be heated quite fast, since all the content of the game via store costs nothing less than 250 euros . By way of comparison, Smash Bros and their two battle passes cost 125 euros .

It is not cheap, the famous gleamiums

As we have said before, only 5 very specific characters can be obtained directly once the game has been acquired. For others, you will have to larger hard or go through the famous store in Gleamiums. And this is where real money comes into play, because 6000 gleamiums cost no less than 50 euros.

And to buy the other Multiversus characters without necessarily spending dozens of hours in them, you will need to have gleamiums. The goal in the Warner game is not yet established, but if ever the payment characters are much more powerful than the 5 that are purely free, there is likely that there is some concern within the community.

too much for a F2P?

However, the calculation of VGC is a bit daring, because it takes into account the purchase of cosmetics, which are not related to the effectiveness in combat. At this rate, League of Legends complete would cost tens of thousands of euros, unless having all the cosmetics of the game really makes no sense. In fact, The acquisition of all the characters (except the masks) of Multiversus costs 70 dollars . It is far from being scandalous, even if this amount will already shake Smash fans, whose alignment is more solid.

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