Genshin Impact: A filtration reveals the arrival of a highly anticipated change in update 3.0

Genshin Impact advances to what will be one of the most important updates in its history. Hoyverse has promised the arrival of Sumeru through Patch 3.0 during the next month of August. A perfect opportunity to expand content with a new region and even the landing of the dendro element. However, developers will also be thinking of smaller changes that try to satisfy some of the most repeated requests by the community. At least, that is what they are trying to tell us the leaks.

The change that the community had been asking for more than a year

We refer to the most possible modification of the permanent banner. The Gachapón Passion for traveling has not changed since the launch of the game more than to add to the new four-star characters and modify the promotional image in patch 1.1. Keqing, Mona, Jean, Qiqi and Diuc have never received new colleagues and the players have already achieved everything they could get using destination meetings. In this sense, many members of the community already expected changes in the face of Inazuma in 2021, although Hoyverse did not decide to make any modification.


Attending to the leaks, In the next update 3.0 changes will be made that have not yet been detailed to do this banner something more attractive. Of course, new five-star characters would be included, although it is not clear which or if this will also imply any change in operation. The truth is that there would be no bad that there were more adjustments or even launched in the form of permanent alternative porridge so that both are available in the game indefinitely.

In spite of everything, we must insist that the changes are not yet confirmed. Even the filters do not want to excite themselves with the possible changes despite having several sources that indicated similar information. The answer, in any case, will not arrive within three weeks. It is expected that between August 10 and 12 Hoyverse will carry out what will be one of the most anticipated presentations in the history of Genshin Impact. In it we can see much more about the new Sumeru region, its characters or the new features that will reach the game in the next 3.0.

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