Genshin impact broken isle puzzles: how to drain water and unlock chests

Genshin Impact’s Summertime Odyssey event is in full swing. The event takes place in the Golden Apple archipelago, which contains a handful of complicated riddles. One of those puzzles is on Broken Isle Island, which requires that the water drains lighting torches. After solving the puzzle, you will get three precious chests and a snail as part of the reward. If you have difficulty completing this mission, we have it covered with a complete guide for the puzzle of the Rota Island of Genshin Impact .

How to solve the puzzle of Genshin Impact’s Rota Island

This secret puzzle is unlocked after completing the mission «Blazin’ Trails ». In addition to that, we recommend recruiting Pyro characters like Amber or Yoimiya before starting the puzzle.

Follow these steps to solve the puzzle of Broken Isle:

* TeleTransPort yourself to the northern route of the abrupt island.

After teleporting, go to the southwest and enter the cave.

* Light the torches and totem to unlock the first pyrotechnic totem.

As soon as you enter the cave, you will see 4 torches and 1 totem. Simply ignite them to unlock the first pyro totem and lower the water level.

* Light the torches again to unlock the second pyro totem.

The next Pyro Totem is a bit difficult to solve since the Pyro Torches are very scattered inside the cave. You can see this YouTube video to know the exact location of Pyro Torches.

* Return to the pyro totem to get the 16th Concha.

After completely draining the water, use the portal to return to the Pyro Totem, where you will find a huge mechanism of puzzle and Phantasmal Conch 16 in the lamp.

* TeleTransPort yourself back to the northern route of the abrupt island.

Once there, interact with the drum to change the style of the mountain at its maximum height.

* Go to the southwest towards the entrance of the cave.

* Adjust the orientation of musical instruments.

Adjust the address of musical instruments as shown in the image below.

* Interact with the harp to eliminate the musical wall.

Finally, interact with the melodic harp to break the musical wall and get the three precious chests.

What do you get to complete the puzzle of Genshin Impact’s broken island?

Solving this puzzle rewards you with three beautiful chests that contain primagms, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore and more.

With this concludes our guide to resolve Puzzles of the Rota Island of Genshin Impact. Before leaving, do not forget During the Genshin Impact on Twitch program and more.

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