Multiversus: where and when playing the open beta of the new Warner struggle game

Officialized last November, Multiversus, a game of free-to-play fights developed by Player First Games and using the Super Smash Bros. codes announced the dates of its open beta . The game is intended to be a great success, putting fun in the center of the game, while announcing that it has enough depth for the toughest players. In May, the study announced that the open beta would be available from July. It was tonight that announced the official dates of the latter.

Mulliversus, the Brawler who will give what this 2022 talk about

Although inspiration is obvious, Multiversus will try to offer a different experience to Smash. The mode 2v2 seems particularly advanced , since it will be possible for a player to interact directly with the specificities of his partner . For example, Bugs Bunny can dig tunnels to move along the stage, and his ally can also use them. There will probably be many possible combinations to discover. Of course, a 1V1 mode will continue to be available. The game will be Free to play , and apparently it is believed that income will come from the cosmetics ** in the style of League of Legends.

  • _ At any case, this is what the trailers imply, but it would not be impossible for it to be necessary to unlock certain characters, either with a currency of the game (such as Brawlhalla), or with real money._

In addition, unlike Smash, the game aims game From day 1. In addition to that, the game will be multiplatform . Of course, the network code could still be bad, but at least the ambition is there. While Smash is the game to play with friends in the room, Multiversus wants to be the fighting game to play with friends online. **

Wanting to create a game designed for both 1V1 and 2V2 could cause important equilibrium problems . Similarly, today the title is ambitious with its Free To Play model, but we still do not know if it will work for this fighting game.

It worked for Brawlhalla, who also offered some prestigious collaborations, however, Brawlhalla is an independent studio game, and it is not certain that Warner has the same ambitions . However, the success of the Blue Mammoth title leaves good hope about the viability of this economic model.

Information about the open beta

Multiversus will be available in Beta open to all from July 26 , in PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X | S and PC (Steam) . The anticipated access can be delivered from of July 19 , either for the players of the closed alpha or through Twitch .

All the base template (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn (DC Comics); Sammy and Velma (Scooby-Doo); Bugs Bunny and Taz (Looney Tunes); Arya Stark (Game of Thrones); Tom and Jerry; Jake the dog and Finn the human (Adventure Time); Steven Universe and Garnet (Steven Universe; an original creature called Dog-Reindeer) can be played on eight different levels.


There will be four modes available: 1v1, 2v2, 4 players all against all and training mode. All the relictas unlocked during the beta version, as well as the points won, will remain in their account after the official launch. The player account can be multiplatform, to avoid starting from 0 if you want to play in another medium.

The first character In addition to the base list will be the Iron giant , and can be played with him on July 19 . More information about this character will be given in the next few days or hours. A tournament will be held during Evo with a cash prize of 100 thousand dollars , The largest prize of the event, as long as it is not in the line-up (which makes sense for a game that has not yet launched). This at least has the merit of showing the ambition of the title and the publisher.

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