eyedin98 and Viktoria Berlin separate

Ajdin ‘eyedin98’ Islamovic leaves the capital club after a year.
There, the Austrian e-national player made it into the leading 64 on the planet as well as last week even took part in getting the FIFA World Cup.
After effective play-offs, nonetheless, he fell short in the succeeding group phase.
We would love to thank Ajdin for a great period in skies blue. Ajdin’s agreement runs out at the end of the period as well as he accentuated himself with a piece de resistance, the club created on Twitter.


We wish him just the best for the future.
It is not yet known where the four-time Austrian champs will go.
With Michael ‘MegaBit’ Bittner, Mustafa ‘xMusti19’ Cankal, Fabian ‘Dubzje’ de Cae and also Andreas ‘Andy’ Gube, various other popular players have left their club or have currently located a brand-new task.

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