Utilized e-bike: ideas for acquiring

The suggestion of obtaining a made use of and also therefore quickly available bike is evident. It is not uncommon for the owners to component with them because, for example, the structure size did not fit or the bike is simply sitting unused in the cellar after the preliminary bliss.

According to the Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV), there are 81 million bicycles in Germany. This indicates that statistically every German citizen already has a bike. But there is a need for more-especially the pedelec boom proceeds unmitigated. At the exact same time, however, the two-wheeler trade is likewise suffering from an absence of chips and interrupted supply chains. For those that want to purchase, this often implies: When the moment comes, regrettably there is no bike-the await the desired bike can be long.

Locate what you are trying to find online

With the battery, on the various other hand, it is important to make certain that the contacts are rust-free as well as clean as well as that the housing does not show any type of cracks or traces of adjustment. And also, of program, the bike must satisfy the needs of the Roadway Traffic Act (StVO), i.e. it has to have a functioning lights system and reflectors, amongst other points.

Clarify history

There are lots of ways to obtain a made use of bike. Portals such as ebay.com classifieds, Quoka or Shpock are call factors, yet additionally industrial systems such as rebike, Greenstorm, bikeexchange or bikesale. The professional suppliers, on the other hand, usually offer a warranty of up to two years on the electric motor and battery, a right of withdrawal is likewise to be anticipated, as well as the bike is additionally refurbished, i.e. examined, processed and also, if required, fixed.

Specifically when it comes to a private acquisition, which does not have a safety web in the kind of a guarantee or service warranty, it is necessary to check the things of interest meticulously. It makes good sense to have an in-depth discussion with the previous owner as well as to clear up the most essential inquiries: Why is he surrendering the bike? Where as well as how did he make use of it-was he frequently robbed on tracks or was he primarily on asphalt? Exactly how was the battery kept (ideally dry in winter season, at room temperature level and with a fee level of a minimum of 30 percent) and also exactly how often was it charged? A typical e-bike battery can manage around 500 to 1000 complete (!) charging cycles. If needed, in consultation with the seller, a workshop can be commissioned to review out these cycles. And also if you have an otherwise top-fit deal before you, it may be worth buying a substitute battery.


Examine standing

It is a benefit if the vendor can provide the initial billing, which, in enhancement to the original price, can additionally be made use of to identify the exact age of the e-bike based upon the day of acquisition. Simply as essential documents are a full service log or a minimum of workshop billings that make upkeep, the replacement of wear parts and also repair work traceable.

Take a test drive

The concept of obtaining a used and also consequently quickly offered bike is apparent. There are lots of ways to get a made use of bike. The professional suppliers, on the various other hand, typically provide an assurance of up to two years on the electric motor and also battery, a right of withdrawal is likewise to be anticipated, and also the bike is also refurbished, i.e. inspected, processed as well as, if required, fixed. It makes feeling to have an in-depth conversation with the previous owner and also to make clear the most vital inquiries: Why is he offering up the bike?

Similar to a made use of automobile, when acquiring a used bike, an acquisition agreement need to be concluded which contains the most essential information, such as the supplier’s name, the version designation, the frame number as well as the color. A sample acquisition arrangement can be downloaded from the website of the Basic German Bike Club (ADFC, www.adfc.de).

For those that are willing to purchase, this often suggests: When the time comes, however there is no bike-the delay for the preferred bike can be long.

A mandatory workout is an examination trip of at the very least fifteen minutes, during which not just is it checked whether the pedelec can be switched over on dependably, whether the power outcome is proper and even in all drive levels and the screen functions completely, however additionally whether the frame size as well as seating placement are correct gets by.

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