Genshin Impact: How to get free protogems and more awards with the mechanical manufacturing event

Lately Genshin Impact is offering players a multitude of ways to hang out with their temporary events, which is good to unlock a multitude of rewards. During the next few days you can participate in Mechanical Manufacture and in the following guide we will leave you with all the details to take the awards.

Date and Requirements of the Mechanical Manufacture

The new event will remain active until 03:59 (server time) of July 11 . Only those who have reached the range of adventure 30 or higher and also have completed the mission The Ritou escape plan of the Arconte Mission Chapter II, Act I: the immutable goddess and eternal utopia and the eternal utopia and the World mission «Change of chisato».

How to get free event manufacturing rewards

On this occasion, players must help the Fontaine toy merchant who is in Inazuma, Bertrand, who will request that a few materials that he need meet. For all this we will have to talk first with Katheryne de Inazuma and look for Ritou in Bertrand. From that moment on, the event will be divided into two parts: Guided manufacturing and free manufacturing .

Guided manufacturing

The first will start as soon as you talk to Bertrand and give you the mission of the world incursion into the toy market. To manufacture toys you must complete three processes : Collection of raw materials, elementary recharge and nucleus activation.

You will need the collection that Bertrand will give you to get the requested resources, which you will find in the following areas:

Collection of raw materials *: You will get them in nature. When activating the device from the inventory you will see the types of materials you need.
Elemental recharge : The game will indicate the area to which you will have to go and be constantly affected by a specific element.
Core activation : It will be required to end certain enemies to obtain the loads of the nucleus.

When fulfilling all these steps, the time will come when you can make toys. As you do they will give you exchange coupons to exchange them for robotic decorations, in addition to taking free protogems, default and another series of most succulent awards.

Free manufacturing

When you end with all of the above, free manufacturing will be activated. In this case the resources to be obtained are exactly the same, but the processes will vary slightly:

Collection of raw materials *: Obtain minerals, flowers and fruits in nature.
Elemental recharge : It is affected by Pyro, Hydro or Electro for 15 seconds.
Core activation : Defeat elementary creatures.

At the end you must return with Bertrand and talk to him. It will let you consult a catalog with the necessary processes to manufacture the robotic decorations of different models and movements. In addition, exchange coupons can be given to friends in case someone wants to have a good detail.

Anyway, at the end of the missions you will get free protogemas, hero ingenuity, weapon ascension materials, blackberries and other rewards.

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