Genshin impact 2.8 LIVESTREAM Patch and Preview Notes

Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream showed many new events, challenges and his most recent character. As there are many things that unpack, We will break down everything that comes in Genshin Impact 2.8 . So, let’s review everything you can expect from this update.

Genshin impact 2.8 Livestream patch notes and preview.8

During the live transmission of Vershin Impact version 2.8, game fans could exclusively see the patch notes and previous views. Discover what the fantasy game has planned for the next release.

Search for the story of Kaedehara Kazuha

Image Source: Mihoyo

One of the first things that will be revealed in Livestream is the new Story Quest: Acer Palmatum Chapter: Act 1 of Kazuha. Although the details of this mission are still lazy, we obtained some screenshots of the character during this event. One, in particular, shows Kazuha looking at a mysterious purple sword, while another shows him in duel against an opponent.

Fans also had the opportunity to see an advance of the samurai forging a weapon with a mystical hammer. Veteran players know that Kazuha comes from a family of blacksmiths and that it was once part of the Raiden Gokaden clan, a group of renowned blacksmiths in Inazuma. So, now that we see him doing a weapon in this update, could he be reactivating his forge skills?

The new character: Shikanoin Heizou

Image Source: Mihoyo

After many leaks and rumors, Shikanoin Heizou will finally arrive at Genshin Impact version 2.8. This detective Tenryou is widely known in Inazuma due to his reputation to capture criminal intellectual authors. In addition to that, he is the first user of the game’s melery catalyst, in which he uses his powers annemus without any weapon by hand.

The special version 2.8 program revealed Heizou’s skills, including its normal attack, loaded techniques and elementary skills. For example, the normal attack by Heizou, fudou style martial arts, allows players to punch the wind force to defeat the most formidable enemies. The following technique is his elementary ability, Heartstopper Strike, where users can unleash a powerful blow and get the decline effect to increase his powers.

Image Source: Mihoyo

One of the valuable peculiarities of the Anemo-Wielder is its elementary Burst of Windmuster Kick, which makes the character jump into the air and use his Fudou Style Vacuum slugger. Once this action begins, it will explode when impacting, damaging the nearby opponents. In addition, when enemies are affected by Hydro, Pyro, Cyro or Electro, it causes a delayed monitoring explosion.

If you have this character in your team, his exploration talent, pre-existing guilt, reduces the use of running energy for all members. With this technique, players can move around the island of the Summer Fantasia event without worrying about reducing speed.

You can claim Shikanoin Heizou through his event wish in Phase One, which also includes Kazuha, Klee and Yoimiya in the future. The detective will also appear in Event Wishes, such as Leaves in the Wind and Sparkling Steps, where players can get a substantial increase in the fall rate.

Finally, the character will have a Hangout event, act 1: trap ‘Em By Storm, which will allow Travelers to be a detective for a day, as shown here:

Image Source: Mihoyo

Summer Odyssey event

Source: Mihoyo

The Summertime Odyssey event brings the players back to the islands that were previously shown last year. In this exclusive, Fischl invites Kazuha, Mona and Xinyan to the area, who are somehow linked to this mysterious island. He joins the Heizou group, who will resolve an unknown case during the event, while others participate in challenges to fight enemies. In addition, players can activate the instruments surrounding the island to allow a significant amount of damage through the use of wind currents.

Travelers can complete objectives in the area to gain rewards that can be used in event stores to exchange goods. Once you finish them successfully, you will receive Fischl as a team member and several other valuable items.

Image Source: Mihoyo

Navigation game mode

Source: Mihoyo

During the event Summertime Odyssey, players can participate in the funny navigation game mode, where they can collect green energy orbs to increase the speed of their ship. Once you have obtained enough particles, you can break certain obstacles to create shortcuts. However, keep in mind that some objects are too difficult to destroy and can make the boat decrease speed.


Image Source: Mihoyo

Another challenge event within Genshin Impact version 2.8 is Reminiscent Regime, a great cooperative show. There will be several game modes available during this event, such as convoy, Raid and Descent. For example, in convoy, players must join to protect a ship on their way to their destination and collect bright coins to restore their energy levels.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in RAID, a navigation mode for your Waverider, and Descent, a battle in which you must make its way and defeat groups of enemies. After triumphing in all these challenges, you will get objects and gifts to enhance your adventurer status.

Resonant visions

Image Source: Mihoyo

The activities of the Caracolas collection history will return to Genshin Impact on version 2.8. Travelers can search around the beautiful environment to find and get resonant snails, a piece of stories that come together to create a complete narrative. Once you collect enough, you will receive a free Fishl outfit and other fantastic rewards.

Image Source: Mihoyo

Hidden conflict

Image Source: Mihoyo

The first five-star team of Genshin Impact makes its debut with the Hidden Strife challenge. Players can get Diluc’s exclusive buying it in the store and learning the background history of its origins. Travelers can test the outfit during the challenge, which presents a certain amount of objectives to be achieved. Complete each objective and you will enable the Afterimaged Might effect that can add benefits to your next battle.


Evermotion Mechanical Painting

Image Source: Mihoyo

The Evermotion Mechanical Painting game shows a puzzle event that involves gears and components. Travelers must place the appropriate materials on the mechanical board to complete each; However, the highest levels are quite challenging, so be sure to plan your strategies to finish the challenge.

Launch of the Genshin Impact soundtrack

Image Source: Mihoyo

Players can expect to hear a new incorporation into the soundtrack in the Genshin Impact commemorative album: The Shimmering Voyage Vol. 2. In addition, the new trailer within the special program of version 2.8 presents three memorable music albums. The launch date of this article is not yet known, but Mihoyo says it will be launched soon.

That is all you need to know about previous notes and views of the Genshin impact 2.8 Livestream patch. Before going, you can see our guide on the best construction of Kuki Shinobu in the game and consult the relevant links below.

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