How to get through the theory of circulation in the event Genshin Impact a Muddy Bizarre Adventure

In the A Muddy Bizarre Adventure event from Genshin Impact, players reunite with the researcher of Hosseini Street in the underground mines of the abyss. You will work together to find a solution to dark dirt leaking into the world.

The event is held from from June 22, 2022 to July 4, 2022 , and is open for all players of the 28th rank and above, who completed the secret colon of printing seven stars and received the adjuvant Lumenstone from the local task of The Chasm Spelunkers. Before you start, increase the level of your adjuvant Lumenstone at least to level 2 and equip the gadget to complete the tasks of the event.

How to start the Genshin Impact A Muddy Bizarre Adventure event

As soon as you fulfill preliminary conditions, select a dirty strange adventure in the event menu and click Go to the call . The event consists of five parts that open during the first five days and must be made in order. Select transport test and click go to the quest to initiate the event.

How to go through the theory of circulation in the A Muddy Bizarre Adventure event from Genshin Impact


After the end of the transport test and automatic charging, you will receive an event in the name Self-cycle SPIKE: Environments magazine. He will lead you to Hosseini north of the abyss: the main prey area where you can start a test of the theory of circulation. Equip Lumenstone Adjuvant (minimum level 2, recommended level 4) and interact with the spurs of pursin to start.

To complete the task, you need to defeat all 29 enemies within five minutes . The spursin spurs inflicts damage to enemies and disperses the positive effects, because of which it becomes more difficult to win. When oozing names appear around, the spike will stop attacking enemies, which means that their buffs also do not dissipate. Do not forget to remove the whole dark dirt in this area using Lumenstone Adjuvant to allow the purple spursina to help you in battle.

You can interact with energy sources and lumenlamps in this area to recharge your adjuvant Lumenst1. If you fail to complete the task, you can repeat the attempt as many times as you want. After its completion, go to the events menu and get your 80 Simogem-plus other awards-in the section Theory of circulation.

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