The most effective Chongyun DPS

Amongst the lots of 4-stars that are readily available in Gensin Impact, Liyues is exorcist Chongyun many thanks to his character, layout as well as playing style, which concentrates on causing high amounts of cryo damages as well as at the exact same time responses to Produce and set off, be watched as a fan fave. After this is said, discover just how to develop Chongyun as a primary DPS that freezes your enemies instantly.

Chongyun DPS Build: Suggested artefacts

In sight of the fact that this construct will certainly concentrate on raising Chongyuns Kryohads, while it is within the field that is created by its important skill, the normal attacks with Cryo passes through, along with the one from his Elemental ruptured triggers damage to raise better, which we make use of will certainly be a 4-piece Blizzard Streuner Set, since the established not only uses him a 15% cry of cry that are either affected by Kryo or frozen. You can watch the advised primary stats for each artifact item below:

In sight of the fact that you will certainly utilize its whole moveset in the field, we advise that you initially concentrate on boosting both your normal/charged attacks and Elemental Ruptured as well as only after that concentrating on his Elemental Ability.
| 5 celebrities : Wolf’s headstone.| 4-star : snake spine.
| flower of life : hp%.| Cloud of fatality : ATK%.| Sand from Years: ATK%.| Kelch from Eonothem : Kryo damages bonus offer.| Ripe from logo designs: ** Crit rate/crit damages (depending on the tool).


In sight of the fact that Chongyun, in order to be able to look like a major DPS, need to have the ability to frequently cause responses such as freeze, we advise utilizing a turning with a Cryo unit, ideally Rosaria, for your crit boost As well as Bennett, because he has the ability to enhance characters, to heal and activate responses successfully, as well as either Xingqiu or Yelan for their ability to continuously add damage and to apply/ trigger responses.

which talents are to be prioritized.

Chongyun DPS Build: Best tools.

Genshin result is presently readily available for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and also mobile devices-Android and also iphone.

If the 5-star claymore is not an option for you, we recommend making use of the 4-star hotel back of the serpent , given that the tool not only enables it to trigger excellent damages, yet also enables them to focus virtually specifically on crit damages. To summarize it once again, here are the very best weapons for an Elemental DPS Chongyun-Build:.

Given that all the skills of Chongyun depend on its general ATK, which is obviously reduced, our tool will be the choice of 5-star claymore Wolf’s tombstone that is taken into consideration by lots of as the very best claymore in the video game, both thanks to his High ATK worths along with its passive ability.

Best teams for Chongyun.

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