Genshin Impact: How to get free protogemas and more awards with the event an anger adventure

In Genshin Impact, the time has come to get free protogemas and another series of articles thanks to the new temporal event an angry adventure , hence we have prepared the following guide to provide you with all the details about how to take the different rewards.

Date and Requirements of the event an anger adventure

The event has started today and will remain active until 03:59 (server time) on July 4. In turn, it is necessary that you have reached The adventure range 28 or more , but also that you have completed the world mission the rocky keys of the seven stars and have unlocked the underground mines of the chasm.

Along with all this you will need to have obtained the light channel in the world mission SUMBERGARKS and have strengthened it to level 2, so you already have a task ahead if you have any of the aforementioned requirements.

How to get the event rewards for free an adventure

Every day of the event a mission will be unlocked, but you cannot accept a new one if you have not completed the previous one, and so on. Your goal will be to travel to the mining roads of the Sima, where a substance in the form of dark mud has suddenly began to emerge, hence the scholar Sumeru will request your help to solve this problem.

Test run

In the Mission of the Operation Test, it will be time to protect Pursina’s nail from any enemy that approaches. During the fight the dark mud arose from the overflow of the anomalous law will grant the enemies close continuous bonuses, so theirs is to keep them well away.

Thanks to the light channel, lighting can be activated to eliminate the mud completely, weaken the enemies and thus move forward with cleaning. In addition, there will also be mechanisms that can recharge their energy.


In the challenge of Autrerecarga it will be ease to protect Pursina’s nail while recharging and without any interruptions. As long as it remains active, it will purify the surrounding areas, but if you receive the attack of an enemy, it will stop dry and not work temporarily.

The use of the light channel will allow the nail to eliminate the muddy protuberances from around and give additional energy to the clove for the process to accelerate considerably.

Cyclic theory

The objective of this task will be to clear the area cleaning and destroying a certain number of enemies. Eliminating muddy protuberances around the nail will continue to function and increase the damage to nearby enemies. However, if the mud covers it, it will stop and will not generate more shock waves.

Urgent transport

In this other mission you must escort Pursina’s nail into a hot air balloon until reaching a certain destination. To advance, it must be avoided at all costs that try to stop the dark mud and enemies.

Continuous elimination

As for the last mission, with the help of Pursina’s nail you will have to clear the opening of the depths and defeat all the enemies that arise. For this, there will be a time limit that will deliver a certain amount of points, although this will increase if the enemies are very powerful.

In short, carrying out the different mentioned missions will serve to make free protogemas, hero ingenuity, talent improvement material, mystical refinement minerals and much more.

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