How to take part in the Genshin Impact Na 2022 tour – dates, events, goods and much more

The Genshin Impact tour of North America is a living event with a personal presence that brings Tayvat’s magic to anime exhibitions throughout the region. Located in four places (three in the USA and one in Canada) and five conventions, fans can participate in events with other players and cosplayers, as well as purchase exclusive goods. Check out all the details of the tour lower.

Places and dates of the tour Genshin Impact Na 2022

The tour Genshin Impact Na 2022 will be held in four cities of North America. Keep in mind that you need to purchase tickets for the relevant conventions to visit the Genshin Impact stand, where you can participate in events for free. So that you have enough time for entertainment, only a limited number of travelers can enter and leave the stand per day-the details will be disclosed on the spot.

In addition, the protocols and requirements of Covid-19 (such as vaccination cards and wearing masks) may vary depending on the convention. The Genshin Impact stand will comply with the protocols established by each convention, so be sure to read the safety rules of each convention in advance!

Anime EXPO (Los Angeles)

  • from 1 to 4 July, 2022
  • Congress center of Los Angeles
  • Masks are required, social distance is welcome.

Pax West (Seattle)

  • September 2–5, 2022
  • Conference center Seattle

nycc (New York)

  • from 6 to 9 October, 2022
  • Javitz Center

Animenyc (New York)

  • November 18-November 20, 2022
  • Javitz Center

Events Tour Genshin Impact Na 2022

The Genshin Impact Na tour will include many events that all travelers can enjoy for free. Currently, only events and events for Anime Expo in Los Angeles are confirmed. Since other agreements will take place later, Hoyoverse can change the implementation of its programs if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Here is an overview of the events that await you on Anime Expo and, possibly, in other places of the tour!

Genshin impact * food truck-will serve a limited amount of food and drinks per day.
The art of collecting brands -participate in interactive tasks for collecting brands that can be exchanged for merch Genshin Impact.
Assembly of the scene -on the stage dedicated to Genshin Impact, there will be many events, including cosplay events, Paimon profiles and even game events, such as Abyss and high-speed bosses.


Genshin Impact Na Tour 2022 Products and Prices

The tour Genshin Impact Na 2022 will present popular goods that are usually available only abroad. Players from North America will finally be able to get in their hands amazing collecting items, as well as several functional and suitable items!

See the full list of goods below :

  • Acrylic suspension: $ 12.
  • Acrylic stands Midsummer Island Adventure: $ 15.
  • Adventures on the island of mid-summer: 4 dollars.
  • Acrylic stands for characters: $ 15.
  • Characters icons: 4 dollars.
  • Covers for Airpods (Guoba and Jumpy Dumpty): 18 dollars.
  • T-shirts: 35 dollars.
  • Wicker bracelets: $ 15.
  • Paimon Food Theme: $ 25
  • Concert acrylic stand Genshin Chibi: $ 10.
  • Jumpy Dumpty: 35 dollars.

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