The new region is coming to Genshin Impact soon at major update 3.0

While it can be said that FFXIV is the king of MMORPG on PC, Genshin Impact reigns on our phones. After all, it is trendy and earns a lot.

Now HoYoverse is slowly getting ready to release the major update 3.0. In it, we find a new region of Sumer, covered with desert and rainforests. We still have to wait for the rest of the information. In addition, we are waiting for the continuation of the plot in the third chapter in a row.

Let’s hope Sumer turns out to be good and we don’t get the lame and fast plot we got in Inazuma.

Recruitment for the beta test of the new version has now started, and you can sign up here (official discord). The release date is yet unknown, but the new region will undoubtedly come to Genshin Impact this summer unless it is delayed like the last update.

Summer Game Fest starts today, and HoYoverse has confirmed its presence, so maybe there is a chance that we will get to know more details about version 3.0 during this event.

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