Which Are The Best FIGHTING GAMES At The End Of The Last Century?

At the end of the last century, the best fighting games allowed players to show off their skills. Games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter were perfect for this, as they had complex move lists that required hours of practice to master. Players could spend hours upon hours perfecting their combos and strategies and then take on their friends in intense battles. These kinds of fighting games brought out the competitive spirit in players, and they remain some of the most popular games today.

There are a lot of great contenders for the title of best fighting game, but at the end of the day, there can only be one winner. So, we’ve put together a list of the ten best fighting games of the last century based on various factors such as gameplay, graphics, story, and more.


A 2D fighting game based on the RPG Granblue Fantasy. As it befits the genre, the player is invited to choose a character and challenge, other heroes to a duel. Rich settings and many skills will allow the gamer to create his combat style, whether it’s auto combos or complex combinations of simple attacks. Special sound effects accompany fights, and there can be several opponents.


Fighting games based on the Naruto universe are known not only to fans of the series because these games offer an excellent combat system and high-quality visuals that you can’t get enough of.
True, Naruto to Boruto departs from other games in the series and is a session action fighting game where a team of 4 ninjas complete PvE missions and participate in multiplayer brawls. At the same time, gamers will create their characters, and they will learn from characters familiar to anime.


The seventh part of the main Guilty Gear game series is its rethinking – the developers have updated many functions and mechanics, and fighters can now take their enemy and break through the wall, which opens up access to another arena.
And if you haven’t followed the iterations of Guilty Gear, then know that Strive is a spectacular anime fighting game with a rich story, interesting characters, beginner-friendly difficulty, and a parade of dazzling visuals that pop onto the screen after almost every hit.


But let’s talk about really spectacular battles. The crown in this matter should be given to DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – the game exactly copies the madness that happens in the anime series of the same name but allows you to feel every blow on yourself.

At the same time, KAKAROT is a mixture of a fighting game and a third-person action game – you can freely move around the open world and complete errands for friends, and exhausting battles will have to be diluted with peaceful activities, such as fishing.


Haven is called one of the best cooperative games, which, due to its specifics, is perfect if your significant other is also a gamer. This is a romantic RPG about a beloved couple who fled from a past life to a lost planet, searching for a new home. Haven skillfully juggles genres – this is a survival simulator, a spectacular anime action game, and a visual novel with farm mechanics.
Fairy tale atmosphere, excellent graphics, and uncomplicated varied gameplay are great options for taking a break from complex games and discovering something new.


This virtual chat is designed for people to get together in the virtual world, communicate and look for entertainment. Although the game is not tailored for the style in question, we included it anyway because you will see people who take avatars with anime characters on every corner in it. Little (and not so) cute girls and manga characters are frequent guests here.


The anime game Eternal Return mixes the battle royale genre with survival and MOBA elements. The game got a competitive PVP mode for 18 players from the first. From the second – the search for resources, the creation of equipment and consumables, and from the third – an isometric view, pumped abilities, and combat mechanics.
The action takes place on a city map lined with several sectors, each containing unique crafting reagents. Players fight not only with each other – the zone is inhabited by monsters, and their strength is gradually growing.


Classic TCG, tailored for fast PVP matches. The game is based on the popular manga and its anime adaptation Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans of the title are waiting for their favorite characters and creatures and beginners – intuitive controls and easy-to-learn rules.
There is also a full-fledged campaign in Master Duel, during which duelists will assemble a powerful deck and master the mechanics of the game. The project is localized into Russian and is available for free on Steam.

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