V Rising’s Latest patch fixes one of the community’s biggest complaints when building

V Rising is one of the sensations of 2022. Like Vallheim last year, the vampire survival game is reaping more bloodthirsty players, with more than 1 million active users in early access.

As it is a game in progress, Stunlock Studios is working on new content for their work, with great help from the feedback of a community that does not stop growing. In this case, one of the aspects that players have complained about the most: is the stairs.

If you have played, you may have had difficulty finding stairs when building our castle that Dracula would be envious of. Now, as we see in the latest patch notes for the game -version 0.5.41591-options are offered to change the quality of the texture or limit the FPS, and for that little problem with the steps.

In the patch, we can read that Ladders have been added to the Castle Floors tab in the Build menu to make it easier for players to find them. Come on, some had difficulties using this material when crafting, and those responsible have preferred to make their lives easier so that they can find them more easily.

The game menu can be very dense and offers many different types of building options. The less experienced in these matters who wanted to evoke The Sims, but in a dark version building a castle with many stairs, could not readily find the option in the menu.

Additionally, the latest patch also fixes other minor performance bugs. It must be understood that, although it has not had the media boom of Vallheim, it is one of the closest, and it is precisely in Early Access to solve these minor flaws.

But it is a game that will continue to be talked about and about which we are already offering you numerous guides so that you do not miss anything about V Rising.

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