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The Japanese studio One or Eight confirmed it during the Indie Live Expo 2022 this weekend: Lost Epic, its 2D Action-RPG, will make its big launch on July 28, a date that will coincide both when it was released on PS4 And PS5, and at the end of its early access on PC, more than a year after its arrival on Steam – where the game is also available on sale until May 28 (-25%).

With the deployment of the full version, the team plans to add a multiplayer component up to three simultaneously for high -level challenges, a new character skin in collaboration and even more. What is more, a premium edition integrating a digital artbook and a soundtrack will be available in addition to the standard edition. The opportunity to discover the latest project of the developers of Earth’s Dawn, who benefited from an update on May 21, adding in particular new areas, boss and additional quests.

What unlock new skills points to improve your character’s play style – weapons also have their improvement points, and can thus be reinforced and evolve according to the components and the points spent: the key to the “shingi “, The name given to special movements likely to eliminate enemies at once. It is at this price that you will fill the “Kill List” by eliminating the mutant species, with many awards.

The opportunity to recall that the game called on the talents of Namie, Australian illustrator who contributed to popular licenses like Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane. The skins of the characters of Earth Wars will also be included as a bonus to highlight the level of 300,000 copies sold.


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