Curious scenes in Bulgaria: team owners storms in place and determines penalty shooters

In a relegation game between Zarsko Selo and Lokomotive Sofia of the Bulgarian First Professional Football League, curious scenes took place on Saturday. The team owner of Zarsko Selo stormed into the field to order which player of his team should run the due penalty.

When Zarsko Selo was awarded a penalty in the 73rd minute, Yaffa Yusupha took the ball to perform the penalty. He got together with his captain Martin Kavdanski because he also wanted to shoot the penalty.

Shortly thereafter, Selo’s team owner Stoyne Manolov stormed the field and interfered in the discussion of the two players. Manolov snatched the ball and handed over to his captain Kavdanski.

Kavdanski performed, but his shot was parried by the goalkeeper of the opposing team. Previously, Yusupha had pulled out his jersey and left the lawn after the penalty was parried, he also clapped maliciously on the sidelines.

Yusupha was once under contract with Frankfurt

Yusupha, who was under contract with Eintracht Frankfurt for six months in 2015, did not make headlines for the first time. The striker from Gambia comes from the youth of AC Milan and was thrown out of the U19 in 2014, since according to the Milanese, he was already 28 at that time and is said to have presented a fake passport.

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After his end at Frankfurt, he was under contract with the second team of the MSV Duisburg until the beginning of 2017 and was then without a club until the beginning of this year before he hired Zarsko Selo. It is still unclear how things will continue after dealing with the team owner and the captain of the association.

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