eFootball 2022 Konami is scheduled to kick off on 06/14/2022

Konami continues to put effort into eFootball. After a bad start, he knows that they have a long way to go to approach the media power of FIFA. With the 1.0.0 update, we have already seen many considerable improvements. And the Japanese publisher has already presented its plans for the future.

And the first thing we are going to tell you may not make you very excited because Konami has announced a three-day maintenance break from May 29 to June 2. The servers will prepare for what is to come.

The official notes indicate that the maintenance could be extended, so we will be attentive in case eFootball is stopped for more days than expected. In the statement, they suggest that we will be able to playtest matches using a selected group of authentic teams in that period. In addition, we plan to add the Beginner difficulty and 10 min.

The maintenance goal is to improve online PvP matches, including a better win/loss decision algorithm and an increase in the number of servers. Konami also says that they plan to prepare the server for features that will be released in the future, such as sharing game data between the console and mobile versions.

To compensate for this maintenance, 300 Coins will be given to all users who have created a game account before May 29.

eFootball season 2
eFootball Season 2 is scheduled to kick off on 06/14/2022
, approximately two weeks after full-scale maintenance. Konami promises that there will be several events before then, so we’ll see how they maintain the community. And, above all, knowing what will come in his new season.

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