Zehlendorf defends rank one

If not everything is deceptive, leader FC Hertha Zehlendorf has bowled SC Staaken from the promotion race. Zehlendorf offered a assertive offensive game from the kick -off and took the lead in the 18th minute through Grabow. Ryberg assisted with a sharp and precise cross.

In the 50th minute, Ernst increased from the crowd to 2: 0. However, the domestic SCS was now more vehemently against the impending defeat, increasingly came to goal opportunities that guest keeper Büchel all over again. The connection goal in the sixth minute of stoppage through Bae was much too late for Staaken to take something that can still be counted.

Blau-Weiß Berlin from Hansa II caught ceiling

Berlin-Zehlendorf - Summer 1971

The SpVG Blau-Weiß 90 Berlin experienced a disappointing Saturday. Against the second team of FC Hansa Rostock it set a 1:4 defeat. With a direct free kick goal by Ruschke, the game started out for the Hansa reserve (5th). The Rostockers stayed on the pusher and pushed the next two goals very quickly through Syrbe (12th) and Bachmann (16th). Berlin had to recover from this stiff Ostsee breeze, but increased in the course of the first half, but the chances all remained unused. A bit of hope returned to the capitals in the 53rd minute when Lopes de Oliveira marked the 1: 3. But even after that, Blau-Weiß 90 was not mandatory enough at the front and so in the 60th minute the Rostock victory sealed in the 60th minute.

On the other hand, Saturday for the home side ended with a disappointment at the other venue in the Hanseatic city. The Rostock FC had to give the MSV Pampow all three points. The match winner was an ex-professional from Walsleben-Aries with the 2-1 winning gate in the 64th minute. Before that, a Schobert owner Pampow had given the lead (25th), Iloka in the 57th minute in the meantime for the RFC.

Vierkampf at the top remains exciting

On Sunday the other two championship aspirants Greifswalder FC and CFC Hertha were deployed, and with success: Both teams lived up to their favorite role and secured the full points. While the CFC Hertha had everything under control against Ludwigsfeld FC over long distances and ultimately deservedly won 2-0, Greifswald had to drill a thick board against BSV Eintracht Mahlsdorf. From minute 17, the Kroos-Elf ran after a 0-1 deficit. Jovanovic equalized it before the break, but the game was turning the game until the 83rd minute before Richardson started to win 2-1.

In the table, the Greifswald FC rank takes over until further notice, closely followed by the CFC Hertha. Blau-Weiß 90 Berlin slips into fourth place after the Patzer against Hansa II, but still has all the possibilities in the fight for promotion.

table cellar loses the connection

On the other side of the table, the starting point is a whole. Here the chaff is gradually separated by wheat, means that the table cellar is increasingly losing sight of the saving bank. None of the five teams the bottom line was able to secure a single point on the 28th matchday and thus approach the separator. In addition to the game -free MSV Neuruppin, the Brandenburger SC (0-2 against Stahnsdorf), the SFC Stern (1: 2 in Neustrelitz), Victoria Seelow (0: 3 against Schwerin) and bottom Lok Stendal (1: 4 against Torgelower FC Greif ) all empty.

Because – as mentioned at the beginning – the MSV Pampow won 2-1 against Rostock FC, the gap between the red zone and the non -relegation places grows on nine points.

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