Cruciate ligament rupture: Joshua plaster is missing energy cottbus long

“He is physically a ‘machine’ and, after his long break, has shown clearly in the past few weeks, especially in the past few weeks how valuable he is for the team,” coach Claus-Dieter Wollitz recently explained after Joshua Plaster signed a new contract with the Lausitzers had.

Now cleaning, which comes to Cottbus on 22 games and five goals after his return in summer, has to take the next long injury break after his Achilles tendon tear in early October 2021. The midfielder suffered a cruciate ligament tear in the home game against SV Lichtenberg 47 (4: 1), as shown in detail last week. The 27-year-old had reported “a kind of ‘bang’ in the right knee”, in the 37th minute he had to get off the field against Lichtenberg.

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“If he stays healthy, then I also trust him with a double -digit goal yield in the season,” said Wollitz, now he has to do without cleaning at the beginning of the new season. “The necessary operation should already be carried out on May 16 “, as the northeast regional league announced.

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