Chemnitz FC binds coach Christian Tiffert until 2024

Regionalliga: Chemnitzer FC beherrscht Tasmania Berlin klar (28.11.2021) | Sport im Osten | MDR
After a mixed season in the Regionalliga Nordost, the CFC can climb to third place in the season finale (Sunday, 1 p.m., home game against Tasmania Berlin) next weekend, but in the 2022/23 season the Saxons will play fourth again.

In addition, there is the financial situation that does not exactly brighten the mood on Gellertstraße. Marc Arnold, Managing Director of the CFC, did not deliver any good news to the almost 300 present at the general meeting on Friday evening: CFC Football GmbH is expected to go from the current regional league season with a minus of half a million euros.

Arnold wants to play with the CFC above

Only when the financing is -a victory in the state cup final against Ligarival BSG Chemie Leipzig on May 21 would certainly not harm in view of the move -in into the DFB Cup -can the squad planning be promoted. Arnold wants to put together a team that can play above. But quality has its price. And not all players whose contracts expire at the end of June do not seem to decide. In Robert Zickert and Stanley Keller, only two have extended their working papers by 2024.

What is certain is that the Chemnitzer will also rely on Christian Tiffert in the coming years. The 40-year-old had taken over the coaching position on March 1st by the surprisingly vacuumed Daniel Berlinski and recently signed a contract until 2024.

It is open whether ex-professional Niklas Hoheneder remains as an assistant to Tiffert’s side. “The past few months have been really fun. They were exciting, exciting, instructive,” said the 35-year-old, who has been with the CFC for four years and would like to stay beyond summer. However, Hoheneder’s working paper only applies until the end of the season.

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