Brisante meeting at FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann in criticism

At FC Bayern Munich, there are important and promising meetings this week. Not only the supervisory boards days to analyze the mixed season and release funds for 2022/23, coach Julian Nagelsmann will also have to explain extensively.

Munichy, FC Bayern is no longer concerned with anything. The title fight in the Bundesliga has long been decided, the master shell after the 2-2 against VfB Stuttgart on Sunday evening. So it can be possible for those responsible to analyze the almost expired season.

The Munich Supervisory Board will come together on Monday. The topics, such as early end in the Champions League and in the DFB Cup and who has to take responsibility, are obvious. At the same time, however, it will also be about financial questions. With a view to the transfer summer, this means: How much money is in the coffers? What is possible with contract extensions that are still due to Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski and also with Serge Gnabry. Which players have to be submitted? Who should come?

In addition, according to “Kicker”, a “explosive meeting” by the coaching team around Julian Nagelsmann is also planned. There should be a kind of turning to avoid “further like this”.

The journal calls the upcoming talks a “week of truth” in which the problems that have been kept small so far are to be relentlessly processed. Why did it come to a drop in performance in the second half of the season? Where does the lack of attitude come from some stars?

Nagelsmann’s training at FC Bayern too demanding?

Nagelsmann in particular is criticized as a chief coach and at the same time the duty to adapt. Because some players were too demanding, the methods should be simplified. There will no longer be three learning goals in one exercise. Others found the offensive orientation too risky and demanded more automatisms in the attack process.

In addition, we have to file the 34-year-old on his speech. According to the report, a big criticism was that Nagelsmann spoke too quickly, especially non-mother speakers had difficulty following him.

Why FC Bayern is a passionate affair | Julian Nagelsmann in the FC Bayern Video Podcast

Together with his assistants, the trainer will also take a look at the staff. Leroy Sané suffered a performance dent primarily because he was annoyed by the eternal discussion about himself. The national player just wants to play football in peace, it is said.

Serge Gnabry, on the other hand, was distracted because the contractual debates are busy and he was not mentioned in addition to the star trio of Neuer, Müller and Lewandowski.

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