BVB: Kehl avoids commitment

Does BVB coach Marco Rose have to worry about his job? The statements of Dortmund’s Marcos director Sebastian Kehl before the Bundesliga game of the black and yellow in Fürth suggested that. The trainer, on the other hand, reacted somewhat more clearly than the license leader beforehand.

From the front: On the clear question of whether Marco Rose will be a coach of Borussia Dortmund in the coming season, Sebastian Kehl had told “Sky”: “I assume that today.” An answer that allows room for interpretation.

On a further demand, Kehl repeated that he “assumes” that Rose is also head coach of the black and yellow in the 2022/23 season and thus avoided a clear commitment to the coach in the second attempt.

At the same time, Kehl defended the Dortmund coach against the not always fair criticism in his eyes. Rose worked under difficult conditions because he “never had a phase throughout the season where he was able to work with the complete squad in a solid formation,” Kehl jumped to the coach.

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Rose himself said after the 3-1 success in Fürth at “Sky”: “I will be a coach of Borussia Dortmund next year.” When asked about Kehl’s words, he added: “What should I tell you? You are trying to conjure up anything out of any things.” The coach said about the management level of Dortmund: “We work together very confidently.”

Despite everything, Rose is apparently put to the test on the executive floor. Kehl announced an analysis in which “everything had to come on the table”. Some failures of the trainer should also be addressed.

BVB publicly strengthens Rose’s back

Rumors about a discharge Roses have been circulating for a long time. At the latest after the end of the Europa League, the critical voices became louder.

Most recently, several former professionals and TV experts also questioned the future of Roses. Among other things, Dietmar Hamann said that BVB should “think” on the coaching question.

Meanwhile, the BVB publicly strengthened his trainer to its trainer. It was only at the end of March that managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke made it unequivocally clear in conversation with the “Marco Bild”: “Marco Rose is in no way for disposition at Borussia Dortmund!”

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