Is Genshin Impact friendly to new players in 2022?

Genshin Impact has existed for many years, and if you just found the game, you may be interested in what it looks like. Starting the game with a living service a year after its release may seem a little frightening. It may seem to you that the game is intended for experienced players or that you have already missed too many awards.

is Genshin Impact suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is still easy for beginners to start working with Genshin Impact. The game has four initial characters that cover all elements, and new players, as a rule, receive several free attempts. Standard banners of Noel are still available for beginners and guarantee that you will receive characters that you can easily increase.

Genshin Impact is NOT New Player Friendly

The only thing you really need to avoid is to pull the banners of events, because they usually have characters that can only be pumped only by reaching the areas of the late game.

Isn’t it too late to launch Genshin Impact in 2022?

No, despite the fact that many events have passed and there are some items that you cannot get, this does not particularly affect. The meta of the game is constantly changing, and the new content, as a rule, is a little better than what was before him. This is quite easy to catch up, and if you are interested in five -star, you can be comforted, knowing that they will ultimately receive a second banner.

is it worth playing Genshin Impact in 2022?

Yes, now there are three continents in the game, the fourth will appear later this year. There are many characters with whom you can interact, many side quests and a strong online community. In any case, you can find that later the beginning gave you the opportunity to interact with the more worked out world.

How to return to Genshin Impact

If you were absent for some time, you can just return. Your account will start exactly where you stopped, and you can also access all the new content that has been added. If you are lost in what is happening according to the plot, you can always google the previous quests and watch the videos on YouTube to refresh.

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