Ayaku banner in Genshin Impact is extended for an indefinite period

Hoyoverse has updated the page describing the events in Genshin Impact and the banner schedule. Due to the transfer of the installation of updating version 2.7, all current events and banners are extended for an indefinite period.

OFFICIAL! AYAKA BANNER Extended For 240 Days

Officially, the reasons for such a long delay have not yet been called, but there is a version that this is due to the new Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai, where the Hoyooverse office is located.

So the players will have more time to get the “ine tsap” Kamisato Ayaku, Reiser, “The Crown of Mercy” by Rosaria and “Mujin-Ninju” by Saya.
The weapon banner is also extended. From it there is a chance to get a one -handed sword a disammissing fog and a non -combat two -handed sword.

You can find a list of all events on the game website.

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