Shall we find an agreement? Webzen labor and management meet at the National Assembly on the 12th

Since December last year, Webzen’s labor and management, which have not been able to find an agreement during the wage bargaining process, will talk again at the meeting site hosted by the National Assembly on the 12th. Initially, the Webzen union announced the strike on the 2nd, but it was temporarily suspended by the National Assembly’s request for arbitration.

The French National Assembly

The meeting is co -hosted by the Democratic Party’s Lee Sang -heon and Roh Woong -rae. Lee Sang -heon is a Culture Sports and Tourism Committee, and Roh Woong -rae is a member of the Environmental Labor Commission. The meeting will be held at the National Assembly from 2 pm on the 12th and will be held private.

In response to the meeting, the president of the Webzen union, Roh Young -ho, said, “We hope that it will be a meeting that can be coexisted with labor and management beyond simple financial contents.” Webzen also announced that it will attend the site after receiving a request from the parliamentary office.

Meanwhile, Webzen regarding wage bargaining. The union requested an annual salary increase of more than 10 million won, but on March 15, the company adjusted the request to an average 16% increase and lump sum. Webzen has proposed to pay 2 million won to employees who have received a 10% increase in the previous average and more than B grade.

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