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As many may know, the global version of Tower of Fantasy is currently at the stage of closed beta testing. Among those who were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the ZBT, I was not, but still managed to take the opportunity to break into the game through downloading the client and registering half an hour before it closed, and therefore managed to play.

People loved to compare Tower of Fantasy with Genshin Impact, and even though the games are significantly different, I will also do it, but only a few aspects. I do not want to stretch the preface, and therefore we will begin.

I immediately note that the release version of the global Tower of Fantasy will have to boast of Russian localization, but only English and Japanese languages are available on the ZBT. Moreover, both for the text and for voice acting, and here I found something funny from the start. All plot tasks are fully voiced, and the main character/heroine (choice is for the player) says, but in the English version, most of the dialogues are currently in absolute silence. It is a bug or localization has simply not yet been added to the end – the question, but I would not recommend listening to English speech in this game anyway, it sounds frankly so -so. But I will additionally clarify that I will be extremely biased in this matter.


Graphics and stylization under the anime are the very reasons why TOF is compared with the “Genshin”, and I cannot definitely declare that one of them looks better than the other. I note that Tower of Fantasy is more like a game in which the PC was in a greater priority when developing than Genshin Impact, but it also resulted in the fact that it is a little more demanding on the iron. In fairness, on the mobile “tower”, on the contrary, it works better than “Genshin”, and definitely looks a little worse. As a result, how the game looks at the PC in 1440p, I propose to familiarize yourself with the album below. Its performance was checked, by the way, it was at the GTX 1060 6GB and on the RX 6500 XT 4GB. And there and there we have stable 60 frames in 1440p with maximum settings. In 4K, the settings will have to be reduced, otherwise you will get 16-20 frames with a frame time above 60 milliseconds.

At the same time, on a PC game, the game supports monitors with increased hertzovka and allows you to set the personnel frequency limiter up to 120 FPS, and on the tablet I see only an option with 90 frames. However, Genshin does not allow you to put more than 60 on both of the mentioned devices (but allows you to activate 120 frames on IOS with several devices). Do both of these games need 120 frames? Not particularly, but nice to have an option in stock.

In general, it seems that the developers wanted to make a game for a PC, but I did not see comments on this subject, and therefore I would not say anything.


And how is Tower of Fantasy playing? Compared with Genshin Impact, then a little more dynamic. Yes, the game is definitely made for a hundred millions of dollars, and therefore, there and there, a little weird animations of the character are slipping, but in dynamics this can only be seen if you specifically engage in the examination of those. But for Gangnam Style, performed by a thick mob, a lot can be forgiven for the game.

The fighter itself in Tower of Fantasy has nothing to do with Genshin Impact and is more like some kind of Devil May Cry thanks to the switching system between several types of weapons. Unfortunately, at the same time, the character can carry only three types of weapons, and I understand where such a restriction came from, but I would not mind seeing, for example, the wheel of selection of weapons. A change in the set of weapons through the equipment menu, as well as the change in the detachment in Genshin Impact, is not the most pleasant mechanic, but in GI it is justified, but here it is a little nervous. But the weapon can be changed at almost any time, and when changing you can carry out a powerful attack-outlet or to beg off if you fill a special charging scale with other weapons from your arsenal.

The evasion, which are also ideal, with the ability to form a stasis floor, in which enemies freeze for a short period of time and get more damage, have not disappeared. The Honkai Impact 3RD and Punishing Gray Raven will be familiar with the similar use of evasions. The evasions also have a rollback time, and the character has three fully rolling away the foster. I also note that there is also a stamina mechanic in the game, but it is not spent on evading (for sprint and jumping, by the way, too). Endurance in battle is spent on attacks in the air and strong attacks carried out within the framework of combinations by holding the attack button. Strong attacks, by the way, differ in different types of weapons.

But this is not all means of killing opponents, and relics are also available to players. Some of them are peaceful and aimed at facilitating the movement of the character (Jetpak is one of these relics), while others allow you to apply more damage for a short period of time, discard enemies from themselves or protect themselves from incoming damage. According to the plot, the player will actually give out everything you need, and what will not be given out, you can collect from fragments yourself.

After a certain moment, in the main plot, the character literally does not have any restrictions in terms of where he can get. In addition to the fact that high-level locations will not allow you to live peacefully in them and will slowly eat health due to an increased concentration of radiation regarding the hero level. In fairness, I still did not succeed in stumbling on the invisible walls in this game, which is definitely a plus. Monsters of a significantly higher level can also be defeated, but they will have to pick such for a long time.

Speaking of health. It is replenished here automatically, but there are also types of weapons that are capable of abrasions, and, of course, food supplies. The latter can be both buying and cooking yourself. There are no mini-games for cooking in the game, and therefore, if you have a recipe, you can immediately prepare such a number of dishes for which there will be enough collected ingredients. I also want to note that I have not seen a single dish with buff for an attack or anything else, and therefore I suspect that there is no one here at all, but I could be mistaken.

Of course, one cannot forget about moving around the world. I have already said that it is almost unlimited after a short walk in the plot and obtaining a motorcycle and glider, and it is. Glaid allows you to unlimitedly ride it on the water, and the motorcycle is on the ground. You can climb onto the mountains with the help of climbing for energy and quite significant jumps with a jet satchel. The latter, by the way, has several charges, after the expenditure of which goes to a long reload. I forgot to note that the usual swimming without a glider also consumes energy, but after its end you do not eat immediately and the hero has a chance to get to the destination due to the lost health. You can’t eat in water, and therefore I recommend not abuse.

Genshin Impact 2.0 Vs Tower of Fantasy (Updated) - Full Comparison!


The hero’s pumping is carried out by pumping his level (aka account level), weapons, equipment and simulars. Simulakra – owners of certain types of weapons, which are controlled with their property is better than others and have a unique animation on the ultimate weapons. At the same time, only one simulacra can be used, the appearance of which can be hidden (suddenly a kun), and therefore to worry that the beauty you have done in the editor suddenly will not become invisible.

I completely forgot to note another feature distinguishing from the “Genshin”, which is customization.

Everything’s gonna be how I wish

At the beginning of the game, you are offered to choose the floor of the protagonist, and after short training and a pair of storylines will make it possible to make everything that the soul wants with the appearance of the correctly chosen character. The editor’s capabilities reminded me of, to the great regret, closed to the release of Peria Chronicles. Is there a beloved wifa? Mercy, please create it yourself or upload a ready -made preset. The players have already managed to make all the heroes of Genshin Impact, and therefore you will not have to refuse to continue to play with Amber.

I tried to make UNMay from the recent anime “Tact. Opus. Fate”. Breast physics, by the way, works in the game too.


In this regard, the Tower of Fantasy clearly loses to Genshin Impact. Albums with soundtrack from the latter can calmly listen separately from the game and get tons of pleasure, but in TOF for more than 20 hours I, perhaps, heard only one interesting composition. She plays against the background while being in one of the cities. I will hope that in the future developers pays attention to this component of their project.

That’s all

I clarify that this is not a review, but a preview based on a client of the Tower of Fantasy closed beta test, and therefore there will be no final assessment here, and the impressions of the release version of the game may turn out to be completely different. As I wrote above, I spent a little more than 20 hours in the game, and I have not yet examined all available biomes. The release version may well turn out to be the same 2.0 that was recently launched in China, and this is another additional region for research. The release date of the global Tower of Fantasy is still unknown, and we will try to inform you of it immediately when something will be clear. I’m leaving for Sim, but I wish you not to get sick, not to be beech and play only in good anime.

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