Eisbären Berlin have after 2-1 against Red Bull Munich Matchball

In the tightly tackled final series, the Eisbären Berlin mastered the stress test against the EHC Red Bull Munich again and are only a win from the silver cup. With the narrow 2: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 0: 0), the previous year’s champion celebrated the second of three necessary successes to win the title on Monday evening. On Wednesday (7.30 p.m.), the Berliners in Munich can make the title defense and ninth championship in the DEL perfect. The Munich people now have to win twice in succession to dethones the polar bears.

Eisbären Berlin - EHC Red Bull München | Highlights PENNY DEL 21/22

“Hats off to the team,” praised Berlin’s captain Frank Hördler at “Magentasport”. In view of the fourth game of the polar bears in five days, the defender was relieved by the game -free Tuesday. “We stood well, everyone worked very hard,” said Hördler about the defensive performance.

In the third final game within four days, Zachary Boychuk put the polar bears in the lead (5th). Zachary Redmond (7th) quickly equalized for Munich in the lively initial phase. In the middle third, Berlin striker Dominik Bokk (39th) decided the exciting and competitive game until the end.

It was only on Sunday that the polar bears had achieved standard compensation with the 3-2 win in the second extension in Munich. In the first final meeting, the Munich team had shot 0: 3 in Berlin and won 4: 3. Anyone who wins three times is a master. If a fifth game would be necessary, the Berliners will be hosting on Thursday.

also Bobic in the arena – polar bears defy personnel setbacks

The day after the second final duel over 84 minutes, both teams offered the 14,200 spectators – including Hertha managing director Fredi Bobic – a rapid and offensive game in the first section. After only 16 seconds, polar bear striker Boychuk hit the post. Early the Canadian used a negligence of the guests in the first Berlin overpayment situation: the attempt by EHC defender Konrad Abelttshauser landed from the skate of Kevin Clark near Boychuk.

A good two minutes later, however, the equalization fell: Benjamin Street did the preparatory work for the 1-1 of Redmond, DEL defender of the year. The fact that play-off-top scorer Blaine Byron did not belong to the contingent was a painful loss for the polar bears. The fact that Boychuk had to go to the cabin at the end of the second third after a check from Trevor Parkes, meant another personnel setback.

The burden on the past few days was noticeable in the second section. The game lost speed, the mistakes increased. The leadership for Berlin was a little surprising: defender Kai Wissmann saved calm and overview. Bokk crawy the shot. In the final section, it remained exciting in view of the narrow lead. The polar bears cleverly defended.

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