Fans make their own metroid for Nintendo 64 and looks incredible

As much, one of the great absent in the _ Nintendo 64 _ is the franchise of _ Metroid _ , which remained alive thanks to the emergence of _ Super Smash Bros _ . , because The new players met _ Samus _ ** for that game. However, fans are not satisfied with this appearance, so they have got to work with a project.

The user of _ Twitter _ known as _ mourning akino _ , is the one who took the reins and already shared his vision of how an adventure of the hunter would look like, all thanks to the Unity 3D tool. In the images you can see the character touring caves and jumping in the style of the series, this is accompanied with shots and the use of the Morph Ball.

Here you can take an eye:

The most curious thing about this demo of _ Metroid 64 _ , is the third -person perspective, which can remember shooters as _ Star Fox _ and up to _ shin and punishment _ , because it has a fixed look In the middle of the screen. But without a doubt, it will remember much more to _ Metroid other m _ , game that raised a lot of controversy for a narrative factor and not so much playability.

I Made Metroid but it's 3D and First Person
With how well this version looks, it can be seen that the user has been working for a long time in the project, ensuring that he lacks very specific aspects to polish soon. It doesn’t hurt to comment that a friend supports him to be able to finish it in the shortest possible time.

At some point they plan to release the general public. For now, there is no date for this.

Editor’s note : When fans propose it, they can achieve great things, one of the greatest examples was at the time the young man who brought AM2R, a title that was retired by Nintendo and his legal issues. I hope that with this adaptation to Nintendo 64 the same does not happen, although if it becomes popular they will be yes or yes under the eye of the lawyers.

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