Fill the piggy bank with Sports bettings passion: Sports bettings betting make it possible

The passion for Sports betting is also unbroken in Germany. King is at the top of the most popular Sports bettings. But other Sports bettings such as basketball, handball or ice hockey are also popular with millions.

Many Sports bettings fans even have their favorite team, with whom they are very familiar with. Why use this knowledge and maybe even fill the piggy bank? The bets are discovering more and more passionate Sports bettings fans.

it’s going on – fever and place tip

The games of the Bundesliga play millions of fans in the stadiums or on TV. When FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and other clubs compete against each other, it becomes highly emotional and dangerous. Of course, fans of the teams know where the strengths and weaknesses of their stars lie. For example, Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has injured himself, this could be a real wobble section against other strong teams for the otherwise victorious Bavarians.

Fans can not only exchange the specialist knowledge of the teams, but also use it for the ticket. Sports bettings betting have a long tradition in Germany, not only at the Bundesliga football. Bookmakers often provide betting offers for the second Bundesliga or even for many regional leader.

Exciting encounters with lucrative odds that wait with real chances of winning can be found at Since 2021, Sports bettings fans have also been able to feel much safer on bets. The reason for this: the new regulation of the gaming market, which also affects the Sports bettings betting. Bookmakers who also want to address their offers to German Sports bettings fans must have a license. It is only granted after careful examination of the responsible authorities. Since the new law came into force, many bookmakers have made use of this and have successfully made the license procedure.

A win-win situation for both sides, because bookmakers can decorate themselves with the license, it ensures more trust among betting friends. For Sports bettings fans, the license creates more security and brings better control (especially with self -limitation and protection against competition).

Already knew? In addition to king football, bets can also be placed on numerous other Sports bettings or events. If you want to go on a trip to the entertainment industry, you can also place betting on Deneurovision Song Contest, the awarding of the Oscars or others.

This is how the quotas are optimally analyzed

Regardless of Sports betting or events – the quotas among the bookmakers are always different. Each provider calculates the odds for their offers individually and analyzes the participants of the encounter or the event. There is also an influence on the quotas, the own profit share with which the bookmaker is financed.

If you want to place Sports bettings betting for the first time, you may be amazed at the odds. What does it mean if a quota of 8.00: 1.90 is offered for the SC Freiburg against FC Bayern Munich?

The higher the quota, the less the bookmaker trusts this betting partner. If SC Freiburg and FC Bayern Munich are facing each other, the favorite role is clear: the record champions from Munich. SC Freiburg has an underdog role, because it is not only clearly behind the top club in the table. The previous encounters almost always failed in favor of Bayern.

If the fans of SC Freiburg want to bet on their team patriotically, they can use the high quota of 8.00 and tap the victory. The risk: the loss of the betting mission, because the bookmaker clearly sees the club. Fans who focus primarily on betting profits use the favorite role of Bayern and use the quota of 1.90. The risk of losing the betting operation is many times less than typing for the victory of SC Freiburg.

Special thrills: Place live betting

Since the adaptation of the Gaming State Treaty, there have also been new requirements for the betting offers. Live bets were available in a significantly higher selection until the new regulation. This is the end now, because they can only be placed on the end stands in half -time or for the entire encounter.

Many bookmakers provide live betting on the encounters of the Bundesliga and Co. A special thrill, because Sports bettings fans can often even track the games with the bookmakers over the livestream and give their tip. Excitement up to the last second, a real experience also for non-passionate football fans.

TIP: This is how the start of the bets works

Sports bettings betting still belongs to gambling and are not a guarantee of profits. Of course, the necessary knowledge of the Sports betting and the teams helps for a more solid bet. But a lot can happen during a football game. Even supposed favorites can lose their nerves and have to give up the underdogs. Even SC Freiburg defeated the record champion from Munich as a former cellar child in a historical defeat. Despite the star contingent from Munich, it was not possible to prevent the 2-1.

If you want to secure your Sports bettings betting, you should look at the current news about the teams before the tip. Can all players stand in place? Are there any changes in the strategy or team line -up? For example, if Torgarants such as Robert Lewandowski or Thomas Müller are missing, this can be decisive.

Sports bettings fans should also start with small amounts. Many bookmakers enable the tips from 1.00 euros. With a quota of 8.00, the right tip could bring a profit of 8.00 euros (minus possible fees of the bookmaker).

Who is a favorite for the bookmakers? The lower the quota, the higher the favorite status in the competition

no bets with ambiguous odds

What happens when both teams are equal? Bookmakers show this in almost balanced quotas. If you live the thrill and can live with a loss, you can of course place tips. Sports bettings betting fans who do not want to take the risk should refrain from these encounters. The game is also possible without filling out the betting slip.

If you want, you can first follow the encounter at eye level and, for example, place a live bet after the impression of the first half. Often it shows in the first 45 minutes how well the teams are actually set up.

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