Nintendo fan breaks an incredible record after 20 years

Is it possible to meet all 190 names at the end of Super Smash Bros. Melee? For a long time, this project was considered impossible. At least until now. A passionate Nintendo fan did it. We introduce you to the whole story.

Nintendo: Looking credits is worthwhile

Often you turn off a game after the credits or lean back comfortably-but not at Super Smash Bros. The series is known for the fact that there is a mini game at the end of the single player campaign where you have the task, to hit every name before it disappears from the screen.

In 2007 someone managed to make 182 of the 190 names, but gave up the whole thing. A man named Nathaniel Bandy then made a challenge for the community: the first person who hits all names would win $ 3,000 **-that corresponds to around 2,500 euros. However, the run must be carried out and recorded on the real hardware so that the audience can see the actual entries on the controller. The deadline was March 31.

190 names in around a minute. Martin Zarate did it.

he was able to use the prize money

In 2021 it finally happened, the goal was reached. According to polygon, Martin Zarate took about 50 hours to complete, which others have not managed for over 20 years . (Source: polygon)

“The biggest challenge was the part with the synchronous speakers. They all come from different directions and there is no room for mistakes. If you have completed the most difficult part of the credits, you stay calm and also create the rest, ”reveals Zarate.

The money will flow into his tuition fees, said Zarate. With this he would get his dream of becoming a park ranger.

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Last year a record was broken at Mario Kart. After years, someone managed to get the legendary Ultra Shortcut on the rainbow route. He did not get prize money for that, but he is the first person to master the difficult key combination.

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