NBA playoffs: Dallas Mavericks set exclamation mark in game 5 against jazz

What a exclamation mark of the MAVS! In game, Dallas made 5 short process with the Utah jazz and, with a safe 102: 77 Blowout victory, in the series to 3-2. Luka Doncic cannot be stopped, Utah makes the MAVS Defense completely cold.

The Slovenen was enough for 33 minutes to make Kleinholz jazz. Doncic scored 33 points (11/22 FG, 3/10 threesome), grabbed 13 rebounds and distributed 5 assists. He scored 19 points alone in the decided third quarter when Dalla’s nails made their nails (29:19).

But even in half -time one, the Mavericks presented the opponent from Salzsee with enormous problems. The jazz never got rolling and at the same time did not get the Mavs offense under control. Brunson steered 24 points for the blowout (9/20 FG, 1/7 threesome), otherwise only Dorian Finney-Smith (13) came up with a double-digit point yield. Maxi Kleber was offensive (0 points, 5 rebounds).

On the other hand, Donovan Mitchell was not a factor at all. The Guard ended the game with 9 points at 4/15 from the field – to make matters worse, he also injured himself in the fourth quarter of a drive on the thigh. Jordan Clarkson (20) was still the best jazz scorer, Rudy Gobert came up with a double double (17 and 11 rebounds).

For both teams it went without personnel changes in game 5 after Doncic ‘Wade had passed the stress test in the previous game. The Slovenian also got into the zone with drives right from the start, as well as the teammates, and always found Powell. A small Dunk Festival of the Mavs Big brought Dallas an early 16:8 lead.

With the jazz, on the other hand, hardly anything went together, all 7 trial attempts in the first section landed on the ring. However, the guests benefited from 5 MAVS turno and an advantage in the free throws. After the first quarter it was only 24:18 for Dallas.

Dallas Mavericks make small wood out of the jazz

But from the second round, only the Texans actually played. Finney-Smith from Downtown ended a mini-thirst track, then Brunson and Doncic took the book. Dallas set off with a 20:4 run, the icing on the cake was an And-one from Doncic after he nibbled Gobert with several pump fakes. Utah, on the other hand, stayed for over six minutes without his own points, Dallas’ leadership grew to 52:36 at the break.

The almost identical picture was also seen in the second half. The Mavs-Offense got almost everything she wanted-on the other hand, a Layup attempt by Mitchell even ended as an airball. A wide-open transition triano from Brunson put on +22, then it got worse from a jazz perspective.

Doncic followed two stepback trians in series and finally brought the party to her boiling point at the American Airlines Center. Doncic had more points in this section in the middle of the third quarter than the complete jazz team (14:10)-and the 23-year-old didn’t even think about stopping. Another threesome increased to +33! The game had already run after 36 minutes (81:55).

Utah started a 17:5 run and Doncic had to go on the court again. Then it got heated, Hassan Whiteside cleared the Slovenes violently in a dunk attempt, that didn’t like the MAVS teammate at all. After a wrangling, Whiteside of the field was referred and Reggie Bullock also had to shower after a second technical foul.

However, this no longer had any effects on the result. Shortly thereafter, Doncic’s working day was ended, which was replaced at +29 with great applause. Then the fans concentrated on “We Want Boban” response choirs. In the night of Friday, game 6 of the series in Salt Lake City is pending.

the most important statistics

Dallas Mavericks (4) vs. Utah Jazz (5) 102: 77 (boxcore), series: 3-2

  • The defense of the Mavs was the story of the first half. Utah collected the fewest points in a first half in the entire season (36) – whether regular season or playoffs. According to ESPN, the MAVS no longer approved so few points in the Postseason in a first half since May 2011 (against OKC).
  • The horror numbers of jazz in the first half: Mary 14/40 slipped from the field try through the reuse (35 percent), especially from Downtown, absolutely nothing worked (2/17 threesome). This was not better in the further course of the game (3/30 – Playoff negative record with at least 25 attempts) and already runs through the complete series (32.5 percent three -scale quota in the first four games).

  • In the MAVS playoffs history, the Texans have only managed four times to keep the opponent at 77 points or less. Most recently in April 2009 against the San Antonio Spurs, the rival only came to 67 points. Ligaweit has not allowed a team to do fewer points in the Postseason since 2019 (Celtics vs. Pacers: 84:74).

  • Utah could speak of luck that in half -time one of the MAVs of the threes did not fall (5/21), but that changed in the third quarter thanks to the furious Doncic. By the way: The 19 jazz points in the third round were the “best” yield of jazz for a section – Doncic alone also had 19 points.

  • In the previous duels, jazz regularly developed an advantage on the boards. But there was nothing to be seen in game 5 either. The rebound duel – also favored by the numerous false throws of jazz – went to Dallas with 49:40. But even on the offensive board, Utah was disadvantage (11: 7 offensive rebounds for Dal, 14: 6 second chance point).

NBA Playoffs – Mavs vs. Jazz: The voices

Donovan Mitchell (jazz) about his injury: “I wanted to end on the ring, but then the thigh closed and I couldn’t run back into the defense. So I had to get out. Will be okay for game 6). I’m a fighter. “

the star of the game: Luka Doncic

Was there something with the calf? In game 5 there was definitely nothing to see from a restriction at the MAVS star, which jazz also felt painfully. In the third quarter he finally ballerted himself into a flow with his stepback trees, but he also presented Gobert and Co. with his drives with enormous problems.

The flop of the game: Donovan Mitchell

From the actual franchise star, more must come. When the Mavs started their run, nothing was offensive to see from Mitchell. In the second and third quarters, he brought measly two points on the scoreboard. His team did not help his team not to get into a rhythm that he was already printing into a rhythm in the initial phase after a dribble orgy without a pass and by hand on the face of Downtown.

The scene of the game

A little Luka-Magic for the MAVS fans who can choose between two scenes. Either his personal three fireworks in the third quarter or, as he nibbled Gobert: Doncic found himself on the perimeter in one-on-one against the Stifle Tower, he moved towards the zone, brought Gobert with three pump fakes and pulled it into the air and pulled it into And-1. “He Can’t Guard Me!”

NBA Playoffs – Mavericks vs. Jazz: The series at a glance (3-2)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 16. April 7 p.m. Dallas Mavericks Utah jazz 93:99
2 19. April 2.30 a.m. Dallas Mavericks Utah jazz 110: 104
3 22. April 3 o’clock Utah jazz Dallas Mavericks 118: 126
4 23. April 10.30 p.m. Utah jazz Dallas Mavericks 100: 99
5 26. April 3.30 a.m. Dallas Mavericks Utah jazz 102: 77
6 29. April 4 o’clock Utah jazz Dallas Mavericks

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