Venta is the first archon that players meet during their trip to Tayvat. He is more laid back than the other members of the seven, preferring to back down, when it comes to the battle, and his usefulness as a character of support, of course, reflects this in the game. He is It, however, he is still archont, which means that he can deliver a powerful blow if you know what weapons and artifacts to give him. Here’s how to create a valve as a DPS character in Genshin Impact.

The best set of weapons and artifacts for valves

When it comes to choosing an auxiliary characteristics of the artifact for the valve as a fighter, he will win the most, focusing on elemental skills to increase the amount of damage inflicted by Swirl reactions, as well as invest in bonus to ANEMO DAY ,,, The percentage of a critical blow and percent of critical damage . Energy reloading is a characteristic that will increase as it goes up, allowing you to use its spontaneous explosion ** a little more often and cause your opponents a fair amount of pain.

With all this in mind, the best set of weapons and artifacts for the valve:


  • Polar Star
    At the maximum level of processing, the skill of the elements of the valve and explosive damage will be increased by 24 percent . Amazing the opponents with an ordinary attack, a charged attack, the skill of the elements or the explosion of the elements, the valve receives one glass of an ash night star at 12 seconds , at the same time you can store up to four glasses. When 1/2/3/4 piles accumulated, the valve attack will be increased by 20/40/60/96 percent , respectively.
    Set of artifacts Viridescent Venerer
    Venta receives 15 percent bonus to ANEMO damage.
    Vortion Damage is increased by 60 percent along with a decrease in resistance to enemy elements to any element that was added to the vortex with 40 percent in ten seconds .

Best Vent

Considering that an element is an ANEMU element, it can work well with most characters available in Genshin Impact, causing Swirl reaction. However, there are several characters that stand out among the rest, for example:

Albedo *
* The use of the explosion of the elements of Albedo can temporarily increase the skill of the elements of the valve.
Yae Miko
* The skill of the elements of the YAE provides a decent amount of additional damage, even when it is not on the battlefield, and also provides a simple way to fill an explosion of valve using electr.
Kamisato Ayato
* At the maximum level of talent, the Ayato explosion will give a valve 20 percent increase in his strength of a regular attack while he is in the radius of the ability. In addition, as in the case of YAE, the Ayato explosion is great for filling the explosion of the valve hydroxy.

Keep in mind that this is just offers, and you should use a team that will allow you to get the most pleasure from playing Genshin Impact. There are many characters to choose from, and you will not be mistaken if you turn on a couple of characters that will allow the valve to cause a vortex reaction!

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