Braunschweig: without play, but the big winner

The Braunschweigers had play-free after the retreat of Turkkentücü Munich on the weekend – but may still feel a winner because the ascent competitors pats. Relaxed, the lions were able to follow the screen in front of the screen, as stumbled on Friday night Kaiserslautern in Wiesbaden and suffered a stress on Saturday Osnabrück against Mannheim.

With 63 points from 34 games the FCK remains second, Braunschweig lies with 61 points and a lot less but densely behind it – and has the direct rise again in your own hand. Three victories and Braunschweigers are back in the 2nd league for only one year of absence in the 2nd league – because the FCC can only score twice through the Turkish cu.

If the Eintracht himself still stumble, it is by Osnabrück’s 1: 2 defeat against the SV Waldhof after all in view of six points ahead of rank 4 as good as safe. A convenient starting position for the final spurt.

“Nobody is dancing now on the tables now”

Nevertheless, sports managing director Peter Vollmann did not want to expire in cheer. “Nobody is dancing on the tables now. We have to continue calm and focused and continue working quite normally. Because we have to win our games first,” says Vollmann for concentration with their own tasks.

Even the next will be particularly tingling: On Friday Magdeburg comes to Braunschweig, the ascent already safe in his pocket. The lion had lost the lions 0: 2, for a revenge could hardly give a better time.

25. April 202205: 43 minutes

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