GENSHIN IMPACT, Travel in a sweet breeze: our guide to recover 120 primo

A web event has just come out on the official website of Genshin Impact. Today, we propose to see together how to recover the rewards of the latter in our complete guide to Genshin Impact.


And still a web event for peoplehin impact! And this one will allow you to recover no less than 120 primo-gemmes for a few minutes of your time. So between two crystallogy challenges, the last vent just released, and perhaps to invest in the last banners of the game, you are explained how to complete this web event quickly!

Travel in a sweet breeze

The principle of Web Events on PhensHin Impact is rather simple to understand. These are events that are on a web page, and ask you to connect with your Hoyoverse account. You will then have mini-games to do, which will reward you with primo-gemmes ** that will come directly into your mailbox at stake. It is therefore advisable to do them because they are often very fast to complement!

(Of course, we would not be against a little + primo-gemmes to recover during these events…)

How to access the web event

This web event will make you visit Inazuma with KLEE , and will allow you to win no less than 120 primo-gems fairly quickly. It’s almost an invocation on peoplehin impact!

Click on the link to start the web event

The principle of the event

Once on the web event page, and connected to your Hoyoverse account, tap the big button out .

At each exit, you will have to take an object. Start by buying onigiris, then pull the stick.

You will then make an exit. A bar will then load, and once full, Klee and Albedo will come back with a reward . You can do 2 outputs per day .

Click on the “+” at the bottom left to see the missions to fill in order to recover from the currency, which will allow you to buy objects to go out. Remember to make your 2 outings a day.

Remember to click on the right, where you will see Moras . Copy the link by pressing the corresponding button to retrieve 10,000 moras, which you will find in your mailbox at stake.

By doing all your outings, you will end up unlock all rewards. Consider doing your missions!


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INAZUMA Klee Web Event (FREE 120 PRIMOGEMS!) Genshin Impact Journey With a Gentle Breeze
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