Summon Kostmann, Arabi explained

If you want to worry about many years as a goalkeeper, that his protégés collect as little goals as possible, the role exchange to the chief coach of a team, which must be changed hits for his own account, is not very easy. “I was looking forward to goals for the first time in training yesterday!”, Marco Kostmann confessed on Friday after his first units with the Bielefelder professionals.

The narrow time window appropriately sets up the 56-year-old, who had been enthroned on Wednesday as a successor to the Frank Kramer, which was quickly fully on the upcoming Focus. “The situation shot me well and the team too. And that’s a good thing! Now it’s my job to bring the resources back and to use correctly.” For this he conjures the actors, who last made only seven games only a single point and a lean robe, and demands fresh wind. “Each player has to show again why he has received an employment contract here – and they all rightly have! Everyone has to be able to revive and then we can create it as a team.”

Kostmann: “I expect full attack, full house, full power in Cologne!”

But Kostmann also wants to stay left to remove the team somewhat from the pressure that has built up in itself. “The responsibility that comes to us will try to master as a coaching team. We now have to put all the energy on the game in Cologne, we will need to be successful there.” Because: “I expect full attack, full house, full power in Cologne! This is a wonderful situation to show ourselves what we can.”

Samir Arabi supports the new, also relies on the common strength as a consecrated unit and, at least, at least indicates that it has given decomposition processes in Bielefeld in recent past. “Last season, we made the league preserved because we had a team with attitude. The whole group now has to come back now. Everyone who has seen games this season has seen that we can create it as a team.”

The sports director also explains why the election on the cost man celebrated with the Bielefelder Kader for many years as a new frontman fell: “There were many considerations, we have dealt with the situation intensively with the situation. Marco is not the typical goalkeeper trainer, he is not the typical goalkeeper is involved in many processes all the time. ” In addition, with the 64-year-old Michael Henke, as a new co-trainer, add a lot of experience. “That can not hurt our young team. And that’s why we decided at full conviction at the end for this constellation.”

Arabi is also devoted to the most scared predecessor of the duo and justifies his confidence in him. “I stay here: Frank Kramer is a good coach, unfortunately he did not manage it in this situation.” The long job guarantee for the 49-year-old had also been tactical. “We wanted to take the team at that time the alibis. And that worked, we started points. We have to re-evaluate the situation again and again as managing director, which is also an entrepreneurial responsibility.”

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Arminia now plans to bring about the turn and start in Cologne. In addition to the heavier, FBIAN Klos and Cedric Brunner is missing in addition to the heavier on the head or cervical spelling area. Also fit Fabian Kunze, who after his collision with the Munich Tanguy Nianzou getting started in the running training, but also complains about too much complaints to shoulder and spine.

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