Glöckners future in Mannheim further unclear

55 points, the fourth place space firmly in mind – Waldhof Mannheim plays the best third-league season of club history this year. Despite everything athletic success, it is still uncertain whether Patrick Glöckner also remains coaches of blue-blacks in the coming year. After 2-1 success against the direct competitor VFL Osnabrück, the 50-year-old did not become a commitment: “It’s about the right puzzle parts together,” said Glöckner to understand. “There you also need a few answers as a coach from the club and the other way around it is certainly as well,” the coach continues.

A Sparkling Future

Instead of further nourishing the existing speculation about his future, Glöckner preferred the performance of his team in the foreground. He is pleased that his team all the fewest opportunities of the entire third league allocate and at the same time creating the second-way opportunities of the league. “These are statistics that are outstanding for us and talking to the team,” he praised his team.

The goal for next year is clearly defined. But it does not come from definitions, but actions.

Patrick Glöckner

That Waldhof wants to have a more strong word in the climb race in the coming season, nevertheless no secret is long. “The goal for the next year is clearly defined,” says Glöckner about the ambitions of the Baden-Württemberg traditional association. “But it does not come from definitions, but of actions and you have to see someday”. So it remains to be seen whether the former coach of Viktoria Cologne and the Chemnitzer FC also stands in Mannheim next year in Mannheim.

The residual program of the 3rd league

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